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The Mirror in the Attic

A Short Story by Hilde Kate Lysiak


A family of four sat at a dinner table. On the table sat blue plates with mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli. Around the table were two sisters—Sally, age 11 and Mindy, age 5, and a mother and father.

“Yuck,” said Mindy. “Why did you make these trees and orange mush?”
“Don’t be rude, Mindy!” said her mother.
“Oh, this again…” said Sally.
There mom grew frustrated at Mindy for never eating.
“You know what…go clean out the attic!” said their mom. “It needs a good cleaning anyway.”
“Fine!” Mindy said angrily.
So Mindy went up to the attic. Up there, she found this mirror with a gold frame. She reached out to touch it but it just shattered. Glass went everywhere and she cut herself. The cut didn’t really hurt so badly but Mindy had a thing about blood. The sight of her bleeding made her pass out.
She woke in a big open room with giant shelves filled with books. There was a girl standing in front of the shelves with red eyes and green hair.
Mindy was scared! After all, she was only five. All she could think of was what her mom would say so she said it:
“Aren’t you a little young for hair die?” Mindy asked in her shy voice.
“Hair dye?” the girl asked, confused.
“My name is Jackie. Are you lost?” asked the girl with red eyes and green hair.
“No! Where am I?” said Mindy.
“Well, you seem lost,” said Jackie.
“I am not!” Mindy insisted.
“Well, you are at the library,” said Jackie.
“What’s with the hair dye and the red eyes?” Mindy asked Jackie.
“I have never dyed my hair and my eyes are this color because I have a disease from a lack of nutrition. I have to go now,” said Jackie.
Mindy was so confused that she walked over to a shelf and picked up a book. She opened it to a random page and it said:
“The lack of vegetables causes strange diseases. It is common to have changes of hair and eye color and death often follows.”
Mindy got so scared that she passed out again. When she woke up, she was back in her attic. Not only was the mirror not broken, it was spotless. Mindy went down to see her mom to tell her what had happened. As she sat down to tell her mom, she saw her plate of broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes and ate them all up in a heartbeat. After telling her mother the story, they went back up to the attic.
“There is no mirror up here,” said her mother.

2 comments on “The Mirror in the Attic

  1. peteralchemy
    April 17, 2016

    Very good! A ‘postmodernist’ fairy tale! I love the twists in the plot, and th ending. 🙂


  2. Anonymous
    January 6, 2018

    It is creepy but good


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