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April 13, 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A suspect has finally been charged for the vandalism at the Selinsgrove Commons.

Exactly ten days after police claimed they caught a man ripping up the plants at the Commons cops have released the following information to the OSN:

“Selinsgrove Police have charged ******* of Pleasant, New Jersey, with one count of Criminal Mischief (PACC 3304A1) a summary offense.******* was stopped by police on the morning of 2 April after police observed him commit vandalism at the Selinsgrove Commons. Charges are filed upon receipt of the required damage estimate from individuals in charge of the commons on the date.”

On April 2nd Selinsgrove Chief of Police Thomas Garlock told the Orange Street News that law enforcement witnessed the man tearing up the plants at 2am in the morning.

The suspect is a finance major at Susquehanna University and had worked as an intern at Sony Music in New York City before coming to Selinsgrove to allegedly menace our community, according to his LinkedIn page. It also says he studied Business Ethics, but didn’t say if the alleged destructive menace got a passing grade.

The suspect has not responded to a request for comment.

It is unclear if the suspect is connected to the rash of vandalism that has hit Selinsgrove over the past year.

Menaces have been tearing up plants, stealing lights, egging houses, defacing gravestones, damaging local businesses, and even leaving drugs at the park.

It has gotten so bad that police have told residents to keep their cars in their garage to prevent damage.

Since the arrest on April 2nd the plants at the plants have remained untouched.

Also, a picture caught by surveillance footage outside of a local music store appears to show a man with a similar hair cut to a picture on the suspect’s LinkedIn page ripping up plants.




If charged, the suspect would face a $200 to $300 fine as well as pay for damages, according to Garlock but Carol Handlan, who volunteers her time to take care of the Common, had other ideas.

“As part of his punishment, I would like to see him stand on the corner wearing a sign that he is a vandal!!’


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