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Grove Father Still Waiting for Answers on Son’s Graduation

April 27, 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Selinsgrove man banned from Susquehanna University while looking for his lost dog still can’t get a straight answer about whether he can attend his son’s pre-school graduation.

“Its ridiculous. No one will talk to us,” Candace Peterson told the Orange Street News.

The trouble began last September after Peterson and her family lost their beloved family dog. The family drove all around Selinsgrove in their van in search of their beloved family pet, including the University where they believed their dog may have wandered.

But when students saw the van instead of helping the family find the missing canine they instead became upset and reported Peterson to the campus police, who put out an alert. Soon everyone was looking for the van, including police and many local news outlets ran with the story.

When Peterson saw all the trouble she came forward to police thinking she could clear up the mix-up, but instead of apologizing to her husband for getting the story wrong they banned him from the University and threatened to press charges.

Days later, the beloved family dog was found dead on Route 15.

Last week Peterson thought she had received good news when she read online that Angela Burrows, the Susquehanna University communications director, told Reason Magazine:

“The University strives to keep its private campus safe for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. While privacy considerations dictate that we cannot share more information at this time, the University stands by its decision to issue a no-trespass order to Mr. Petersen. We will provide a one-time exception for Mr. Petersen to come to campus for preschool graduation. The no trespass order will otherwise remain in effect.”

Peterson told the OSN that after reading the article in Reason she has tried reaching out to the school several times but no one will talk to her.

“We just want to know what is going on,” Peterson told the OSN. “They told the reporter he could attend but it would be nice if someone could at least talk to us.”

With the graduation only weeks away, Peterson would appreciate a call back.

“This is insane,” Peterson told the News. “My husband has the right to be there for his own son’s pre-school graduation.”

Burrows has refused to comment to the Orange Street News.




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