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April 28, 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Yesterday the 21-year old man who was charged with damaging the plants at the Selinsgrove Commons on April 2nd agreed to have a one on one sit down interview with the Orange Street News so he could tell the people of Selinsgrove his side of the story.

The man says he is a respectable person, not a menace, and apologized to the people of Selinsgrove. He also claims that he only did it once in a fit of rage and that he is not the one responsible for the all the other acts of vandalism at the Commons.

Is he telling the truth?

He agreed to allow the OSN to tape part of the interview. Judge for yourself.

Below is a full transcript of the part of the interview he allowed to be taped.

OSN: How do you feel that you were caught?

VANDAL: You know, obviously, I feel bad for the people that own the plants. Obviously, you know, people try to decorate the town and they don’t think that this can happen. I’m embarrassed that I let my anger the best of me that night and, ya, know, I have to live with the consequences.

OSN: And so, are you sorry for vandalizing Selinsgrove?

VANDAL: Yes, I am. I became friends not just people within the Susquehanna Community but within Selinsgrove Im sorry that I did what I did.

OSN: What were you thinking when you were ripping up those plants?

VANDAL: Well, see, I only ripped up one plant.

OSN: Well, what were you thinking when you did it?

VANDAL: When I ripped up the plant?

OSN: Ah ha.

VANDAL: I was angry and I saw an opportunity to take out my anger and I shouldn’t have.Thats the story with my thoughts there.

OSN: Did you think you wouldn’t be caught?

VANDAL: Ummm…You know I hadn’t thought about the consequences then and there. Obviously, ah, you know, um, you know I wasn’t thinking about getting caught I wasn’t thinking about the consequences then the next day, you know, I realized what I did and we went from there but it was too late to do anything.

OSN: And…do you regret ripping up that plant?

VANDAL: Yes. You know, I tried to do as much good to the community as possible, you know, that I, you know, live around, so yeah, I mean…yeah.

OSN: And what do you have to say to all the people who spent their time and money making it look nice only for you to trash?

VANDAL: Yeah, I have to say I’m sorry obviously. If I was someone who, you know, who created the community and planted plants around the community and more involved in the community I would not let that happen so…

OSN: And do you recall on April 2nd there hasn’t been any vandalism at the commons? Why would we believe you haven’t been doing this for months?

VANDAL: Well, I believe that one of the other times that you caught someone on camera or whatever who were doing the vandalism I was on Spring break so I wasn’t here. So that was one other time I had an alibi to your accusations. But other than that you really just need to take my word. I have no previous record of vandalism or anything else.. For the most part, you just have to take my word that Im a nice person.

OSN: Are you going to pay a fine?

VANDAL: Well, Im taking care of that right now at the court we will see with that…so

OSN: And…is there anything else you want to say to the people of Selinsgrove?

VANDAL: Umm, Im not a terrible person that, you know, your article indicated sometimes that Im a menace and a vandal. All I did was pull a plant and I’m sorry that I did that but Im a good respectful person around the susquehanna and Selinsgrove Community and you know Im sorry that I did the one thing that I did but yeah..thats not who I am..and yeah…



  1. Roger Rogers
    April 29, 2016

    SU- you can understand why town people are frustrated with town-gown relations. You complain about being forced to live on campus and how security is there- well some of us residents have over 80 years of the students of SU. While I am on the subject- we dont need your monies. We dont want it. The tiny fraction of added sales to the area isnt worth the hassle. Your collective behavior is how we got to on campus housing and security. Until you earn other wise – thats the way it is.


  2. Roger Rogers
    April 29, 2016

    PS- SU administration completely dropped the ball by even acknowledging the BLM list of demands. The whole list of demands was a hoax. It was never supposed to be a redo of the social contract at SU.


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