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A Sketchy Situation

A Short Story by Hilde Kate Lysiak

Once there were two girls.  They were twins who lived happy lives.  Although they were different, they got along pretty well.  One was named Alice and the other was named Lila.
The two girls were very excited because they were going on vacation to Alabama beach.  As they were packing, their parents came in and told them that they wanted the girls to have sketches drawn of them while they were away.  This was something the girls always wanted!  Each year when they went to the beach, they always saw advertisements for this but their parents said no.
The car ride was very long and Alice and Lila sometimes annoyed each other.  By the time they arrived at Alabama beach, everyone was happy to get out of the car!  After unpacking at the hotel, Alice and Lila went out to explore.  Right behind their hotel was a woman with a black stand and stool set up offering sketches.  What luck! the girls thought.
The woman had long stringy black hair and was missing a few teeth.  The girls looked at each other, and each one could tell they were thinking the same thing:  is this a good idea?  this woman looks creepy.
Still, they decided the price was right and it was so close to the hotel, so they went ahead.  As the woman began sketching them, the girls began to feel strange.  Alice felt like there was fuzzy electricity moving up and down her legs.  Lila felt the same thing in her arms but neither girl could tell the other one because they had to be still and silent while the woman drew.
After what felt like a very long time, the creepy woman said she was finished.  The girls couldn’t wait to see what it looked like.  But when they stood up, both girls almost fell to the ground.
“I feel really weird,” said Alice.
“Me too, “ said Lila.  “Let’s just get our sketch and head back to the hotel.”
But when the girls looked up, the creepy woman was gone.  And so was their sketch.
Alice and Lila decided that they couldn’t go back to the hotel without a sketch so they went off to look for another person to draw them.  But both girls still felt really weird.
“Maybe we should just take a selfie for right now and try again tomorrow,” said Alice.
“Yeah, I’m not feeling well.  I don’t think I can walk anymore tonight,” said Lila, pulling out her cell phone.
The girls put their heads close together and tried to smile even though they felt so bad.
When Lila looked at the picture, she dropped her phone on the ground where it cracked in spider webs.Through the broken screen, Alice saw what had terrified her sister:  Their image showed they were no longer people, but only black and white sketch drawings.

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