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Men Only? Grove Hasn’t Had Woman Officer in 25 Years!




By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Its been twenty five years since Selinsgrove has had a female police officer!

Debra McFall Ross, the first and only female officer to work full time at the Selinsgrove Police station, believes the town can use some diversity.

“They [Selinsgrove] should have a woman officer,” Ross told the OSN.

Today Selinsgrove have five police officers. All are men.
Ross worked as a highly respected police officer in Selinsgrove for ten years before getting furloughed. After a few years of part-time work at the Mifflinburg Police station, Ross began working full-time at the East Buffalo Police station, where she stayed for 23 years until retiring this summer.

A representative from the Selinsgrove borough told the OSN that there hasn’t been a woman officer since Ross left in 1991.

It is unknown how many, if any, woman have applied for the position of police officer in Selinsgrove.

The OSN asked an Officer from the Selinsgrove Police Department why its been twenty five years since they had a woman police officer and they answered “I don’t know.”


3 comments on “Men Only? Grove Hasn’t Had Woman Officer in 25 Years!

  1. Stuart
    August 31, 2016

    How about competent officer’s who honor their oath of office? How about we quite trying to force “equitable” distribution of factors which have no immediate bearing on the purpose of a “position”?


  2. Lyssa Daniels
    September 3, 2016

    Good Catch!


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