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OSN Short Story: The Freezer Door


By Hilde Kate Lysiak
I had just woken up. I was playing with my toys in my bedroom.
“Ha-ha,” said a high pitched voice.
I dropped my calico critter. I was only five so I was really scared. I ran downstairs as quickly as I could. When I got there, my parents weren’t sitting where they usually were in the morning. I called out their names. Nothing. I began looking all over the downstairs. They were no where to be found.
It was a Saturday morning and sometimes my parents went to the Farmer’s Market. I tried not to panic, but as the day went on, I started to think something bad had happened to them. I sat on the couch and started crying really hard. I cried so long that I became really really hungry.
I wiped the tears from my face and went out into the garden to pick some tomatoes and lettuce for a salad (I was only five, but a good cook).
As I was mixing the salad, I heard a loud banging coming from the basement. At first, I was freaked out but then I remembered my parents talking about how the hot water heater must be dying because of the loud noises it was making. I calmed myself down, ate my salad, and fell asleep.
The next morning, I woke up so sad because my parents had not returned. I went back out to the garden and picked myself some breakfast. I knew I couldn’t survive this way forever. I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I was basically trapped. Eventually, without being able to pay the water bill, the water would be shut off and then I wouldn’t be able to water the garden or have anything to drink. Then I would die.
I was thinking this all over when I noticed I had left some uneaten salad on the counter. Now was not a time to waste food! Luckily my father had built a pipe from the kitchen that would drop an item right into the big walk-in freezer in the basement to save it for another time. I tried two different times to push the salad down the tube but it wouldn’t go in.
I went down into the basement to the big walk-in freezer. I always hated going down there because of the weird smells and how dark it is. As I walked down, the steps creaked from my weight on the dried out wood.
I walked through the dark room with wires hanging down from the cracked ceiling. Finally, the freezer!
I was about to open the door to the freezer when it opened by itself…or at least I thought it did.
I screamed louder than an elephant being killed. There before me were my parents. Their clothes were frosted blue. There were icicles hanging from my mother’s necklace. Her hair went from blond to blue. In her arms, she held a basket of frozen tomatoes. When I reached out to touch her, I felt a pair of freezing cold hands push me from behind. As the door closed me inside the freezer, I heard a familiar high-pitched voice.
“Ha-ha,” it said.





One comment on “OSN Short Story: The Freezer Door

  1. Chase Barber
    September 2, 2016

    I love your short stories… I can envision Netflix or Amazon making them into a TV series.


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