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Grove Tattoo Shop Fighting Negative Stereotypes



By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Selinsgrove tattoo business has been living up to its promise of “no drama, no drugs, just art.”

After Nouveau Ink opened last year at 5 S. Market Street, some were concerned the business would attract trouble. One fellow business owner even posted on Facebook that Selinsgrove didn’t need another tattoo place and worried that it would bring crime to the downtown.

But while Nouveau owner, Nick Mercadante, says he understands that many tattoo shops have negative reputation, his business is all about the art.

“I’m sure hearing the word “tattoo” people are going to judge no matter what and not to mention this town has had a terrible track record with shady tattoo shops so I’m sure people were very skeptical about having my shop here in town. I have tried very hard to make my business very professional as well as private. I’m not “in your face” about tattoos,” Mercadante told the Orange Street News.

They have been in business for over a year with no trouble, according to the Selinsgrove Police Department.

The opening of Nouveau Ink gave Selinsgrove two tattoo shops. Nomad Studios is located across the street at 34 S. Market Street.

“I’m just here to tattoo and create art that lasts a lifetime on people who enjoy it and do it in a clean sterile environment,” Mercadante says.





2 comments on “Grove Tattoo Shop Fighting Negative Stereotypes

  1. Kirstie Hall
    September 8, 2016

    I, myself, have been both tattooed and pierced here. After my experiences with Nouveau Ink, there’s no where else I’d rather go. It is a wholesome and professional atmosphere that I enjoy going to to make the art I love last a lifetime! ❤


  2. Bob Palya
    September 9, 2016

    i am glad to hear that the police are finally answering your questions


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