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Mystery of Early Fall Colors in Grove Solved


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Has Fall come early to Selinsgrove?

The end of summer is still weeks away, but the changing colors of the leaves has some residents checking the calendar.

Locals have had many theories about why the leaves have appeared to change during the first week of September.

“Maybe it’s because we had a hot summer,” Selinsgrove resident, Linda Edman told the OSN.

The reason for the early fall colors is because Selinsgrove hasn’t received enough rain, according to WNEP weatherman Tom Clark.

“Some leaves change early because the soil is dry,” Clark told the Orange Street News.

If the forecast holds up Grove residents could expect many more fall colors. The ten day forecast shows little chance of precipitation.

One comment on “Mystery of Early Fall Colors in Grove Solved

  1. Roger
    September 7, 2016

    That is interesting- because a few of my conifer trees seem to be struggling.


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