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OSN Exclusive Interview: Candidate Mike Molesvich

The Orange Street News Exclusive interview with candidate Mike Molesevich. Molesevich is running for the 10th Congressional District against Congressman Tom Marino. The OSN will also be reaching out to Congressman Marino to request an interview. The OSN doesn’t specialize in politics (I prefer crime) but tried to come up with questions that the people would find interesting. The OSN will not be endorsing any candidates.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

OSN: In 2014 Congressman Marino received over 60 percent of the vote. A lot of people support him. Why do you think you can do a better job for the people?

MIKE: That’s a very good question Hilde. I think I could do a better job because I know the district better. I’ve lived in the district or most of the district my entire life and I’ve worked in the district my entire professional career.

OSN I heard that you were pro-choice. When do you think a fetus becomes a baby?

MIKE: I don’t know.

OSN: So, do you have any idea?

MIKE: Probably pretty soon after everything happens.

OSN: What do you mean by that?

MIKE: I think its called conception.

OSN: The Federal government took three trillion dollars in taxes last year. Do you think that is too much? Or not enough?

MIKE: It all depends on what it was spent for and how much was left over.

OSN: You called your opponent an extremist. Don’t you think name calling like that is one of the reasons people hate politicians?

MIKE: Well, no, I disagree with that premise. You can be extreme in your positions and your beliefs and what you do, and so I think that was fair if I did say that.

OSN: You think the government needs to make more rules for the people. What areas do you think there are not enough rules and are there any areas where you think there should be less rules?

MIKE: That’s a lot of question there. We may need more rules to protect our health, and safety, and environment. I think we could probably use less rules in some other areas.

OSN: And what rules would you take away?

MIKE: I’m thinking Hilde…Well there are some rules that protect corporations from hiding chemicals that they use in fracking. I would like to take that rule away. When they drill for gas I think we should know what chemicals are used when they drill for gas so I would like to take that rule away. There is a rule that prevents people who work for the government to run for certain types of office and I would like to review that rule because a lot of people don’t run for office or get involved in their community because they work for a government agency so I think that rule needs to be reevaluated.

OSN: What do you mean by reevaluated?

MIKE: To look at again. To look at the rule and to see if it makes sense given the type of rule. That’s what I mean by reevaluate. You want to think about it again and it may not be a good idea until you’ve totally evaluated again or consider again. So you research it.

OSN: Do you have any other messages for the people?

MIKE: Any other messages? I think there are two important messages I want to leave with you. One of the reasons I’m running is that I’m very concerned about our environment and our climate. Right now, do you know what today is? Its Sept 22nd. It was just the Fall Equinox. Today is the first day of Fall and the temperature right now is 80 degrees or hotter. Thats very abnormal. Our world is getting hot because we put a lot of chemicals and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and part of the reason I’m doing that Hilde is I’m concerned about how hot its going to be next year and the year after and always when you are older and we need to start using our energy more efficiently and we need to start looking at using different types of renewable and sustainable energy so that we don’t put as much pollution in the air. That’s my main concern. So that you don’t have to live in air conditioning all the time. So right now its pretty warm sitting our here in the sun. If we had a normal September day we would probably have a jacket on. And our winters aren’t as normal any more. When was the last time you saw a big snowfall? When I was your age we had a lot of snow in the winter and we had normal winters and we don’t have those anymore. My other concern is the first thing we are going to have at is how campaigns and how we run for office, its called campaign finance reform. If we don’t start to look at how we finance our campaigns, our elections, and where and how our politicians get their money to run for office we cannot solve most of the problems so we have to look at how that is done and I don’t think the way we are doing it right now because people with a lot of money spend a lot of money on campaigns and they have to much influence and until we change that we are not going to be able to solve a lot of other issues facing our country and our world.

OSN: Thank you very much.

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