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EXCLUSIVE: Creepy Clown Scare at Grove Football Game! Police Investigate!


(note to readers — this is a picture of clown spotted in a different area of the country.)



By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Creepy Clown hysteria has officially hit Selinsgrove!

A creepy clown appeared at Friday’s football game between the Selinsgrove Seals versus Berwick Bulldogs, according to report to the Selinsgrove Police Department.

“We had a report that a clown was standing outside the football stadium,” an officer  exclusively told the Orange Street News.

No arrests were made and no further information was available, but for the past two weeks sightings of people dressed in clown costumes have many residents on edge. Rumors of scary clowns sighting in Selinsgrove have spread around social media since mid-September.

Last week social media went wild with rumors that a creepy clown was spotted outside of the Selinsgrove library. The Orange Street News investigated the claims. Library workers told the OSN that the reports were false.

A local woman recently posted on the Snyder County Alerts Facebook page how some mischievous people used the rumors of scary clowns to scare her children.

“To the people who ran up to my car, in my apartment complex, while my already crying kids were already in a terrible mood …. And yelled THERES CLOWNS!! FOUR OF THEM!! THEYRE TAKING KIDS!!! MY KIDS HEARD YOU!! And they started crying even more. And asking me why there were clowns in our yard… For literally an hour after,” read the post.

“This whole clown thing is out of control,” another poster responded.

The rumors of creepy clowns have spread so far that kids sometimes go out searching for them at night. At Selinsgrove High School, some kids go “clown hunting,” according to an OSN tipster where they wonder the streets in search of scary clowns.

“Its a real thing,” the tipster told the OSN.

However, not every resident is buying into the clown hysteria.

“It’s all a hoax,” Selinsgrove resident Jacob Urey told the OSN. “I think its all nonsense.”

An Orange Street investigation has found no evidence that people dressed up like clowns are lurking around Selinsgrove. It is also perfectly legal to dress up like a clown, so long as the clown isn’t hurting people.

“It is not illegal unless they were trying to alarm residents,” an officer from the Selinsgrove Police Department told the Orange Street News.

If anyone has any information please email the OSN at







2 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Creepy Clown Scare at Grove Football Game! Police Investigate!

  1. Monica
    September 28, 2016

    I can’t help but wonder if these appearances are connected to the upcoming release of the remake of Stephan King’s “IT”. Perhaps not all of them, just the ones reported early on in the year. The local ones are probably just people who think it’s funny and just foolin’ around.


  2. Sierra
    October 14, 2016

    He is in Greenbay WI now in the Greenbay jail. I live 30 minutes from greenbay.


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