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Message From Hilde: Creepy Clown Terror? People Need to Chill

Oh no! Creepy Clowns? More like clowning around if you ask me!
Everyone is Selinsgrove has been freaking out over people dressing up like clowns. How ridiculous! What are they going to do? Squirt you to death with their flower?
This is what happens when people begin reporting things without knowing the facts. I’ve investigated every single one of these claims and couldn’t find any actual evidence of people dressing up like clowns going around scaring anyone!
Of course, that doesn’t mean that people won’t begin dressing up like scary clowns in Selinsgrove. As a lover of scary movies (my favorites are The Shining, The Ring, and the old version of Blair Witch), I say bring in the clowns!
And if I see one of these creepy clowns on my block I’m not going to call the police. I’m going to ask for an interview — and then honk on its red nose!

3 comments on “Message From Hilde: Creepy Clown Terror? People Need to Chill

  1. Pedro
    October 3, 2016

    Replying to Creepy Clown, you have the best solution to these individuals that are doing the Creepy clown as a way of having fun. I enjoyed your article and will share it.


  2. Fredric L. Rice
    October 3, 2016

    We had six people with clown and other masks and make-up on assault two people on Glendora Mountain Road last week, all six were out on the road with air guns, brass knuckles, and other weapons and they came up to two people — man and woman — stopped in a turn-out and they threatened to kill them, all while a GoPro video camera was running.

    Two of the idiots were captured and hopefully will spend some time in prison. The other 4 clowns — literally — are yet to be taken in to custody.

    These right wing idiots could have been shot and killed by their victims easily. Six of them with air guns could have walked up and assaulted the two and the two might have had real guns.

    Talk about stupid!

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  3. Querent2000
    February 26, 2019

    “What are they going to do? Squirt you to death with their flower?”

    Very funny, Hilde.


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