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Creepy Clowns Are Just Creepy — Not Clowns, Says Professional Jesters.



By Hilde Kate Lysiak

They maybe creepy but they aren’t clowns.

Among all the creepy clown rumors in Selinsgrove, Sara Moore, director of the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco CA, is standing up for real clowns.

People wearing creepy clown masks do not deserve to call themselves clowns, according to Moore.

“Bad individuals wearing masks who are scaring people. Those individuals are not “clowns” just like someone wearing a scary nurse costume is not a real “nurse,” Sara Moore told the OSN.

Creepy Clown hysteria has hit Selinsgrove.

A creepy clown appeared at the football game between the Selinsgrove Seals versus Berwick Bulldogs, according to a report to the Selinsgrove Police Department. No arrests were made and no further information was available, but for the past two weeks sightings of people dressed in clown costumes have many residents on edge.

The rumors of creepy clowns have spread so far that kids sometimes go out searching for them at night. At Selinsgrove High School, some kids go “clown hunting,” according to an OSN tipster where they wonder the streets in search of scary clowns. In September social media went wild with rumors that a creepy clown was spotted outside of the Selinsgrove library. The Orange Street News investigated the claims. Library workers told the OSN that the reports were false.

An Orange Street investigation has found no evidence that people dressed up like clowns are lurking around Selinsgrove. It is also perfectly legal to dress up like a clown, so long as the clown isn’t hurting people.

‘’Please know that we who are professional clowns are very upset by the misuse of clown images and even the word “clown” itself. Bad people wearing scary makeup or masks are not clowns. They are using elements of clown faces to be scary and mean. But they are not actual Clowns!” added Moore.



8 comments on “Creepy Clowns Are Just Creepy — Not Clowns, Says Professional Jesters.

  1. David Wagner
    October 14, 2016

    Hilde, keep doing what you do!


  2. Leilani
    October 17, 2016

    I think it would help to add a positive explanation of what clowns actually are. My 8 yr old daughter suggests “Clowns are silly people that like to entertain, like at the circus. Creepy clowns just try to be mean, scary, and rude and haunt you at night.”


  3. Kushal Vakani
    October 17, 2016

    You are doing great cause I’m reading this from Australia so keep up the good work


  4. Jackson
    October 17, 2016

    In Australia we are using your stories as part of our English in school. Keep up the great work Hilde I don’t believe you are to young for the job you are talented and having a great go.


  5. Asher Leslie
    October 18, 2016

    This is a fantastic newspaper! Just thought you should know you have a readers in Victoria Australia.


  6. Bardzo ciekawy wpis. Twój blog sprawia, że często się chce do niego wracać. Jeśli chcesz możesz odwiedzić mój kreator regałów metalowych


  7. pułki na wino
    October 25, 2017

    Zaciekawiła mnie twoja strona i muszę powiedzieć że Twoje wpisy potrafią na prawdę zaciekawić. Mogę je czytać cały czas. Jeśli masz ochotę to zapraszam również na moją stronę dla wszystkich kochających wino i którzy posiadają winiarnie. Pozdrawiam


  8. Querent2000
    February 26, 2019

    When someone meanders in a random manner with no set destination, that is “wandering”, Hilde. When someone devotes thought to an question he doesn’t know the answer to, that is “wondering”. See the difference?


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