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By Hilde Kate Lysiak

I was with my friend, Alice, at the library playing truth or dare when, suddenly, she ran to get a book. When she got back, she dared me to read it out loud.

“But be careful,” she said, “there’s a legend that if do, you’ll turn into a duck.”

“Oh, whatever,” I said, thinking it was the lamest dare I’d ever heard.

I opened the book and read:

5,000,000,000 years ago, there was a huge problem. Ducks kept pecking everyone to death. So, finally, the people put poison in the water, which killed most of the ducks. Then, they drained the water. For the next week, all the surviving ducks were taken and, slowly, one by one,cut up until they were paper thin.

Two days later, I parked my bike at the pond where I usually meet up with my friends. Today, I was meeting Alice again. There was always fun stuff to do there. Hanging down from the tall bridge were two swings that I loved to swing on in the summertime.

Twenty minutes passed and there was no sign of Alice. So I decided to head back. When I was just about to hop on my bike and go, I saw there was a huge gap in the railing, as if someone broke through it. I decided to investigate! I took my bright blue shoes and socks off and rolled up my navy blue jeans. I was expecting to walk past the railing into the wet muddy water filled with angry ducks, but as I passed the railing I saw that there was no water. I did not understand! The water was there yesterday! But then I noticed something even stranger. It was a paper think duck! At first I thought maybe it was ran over by a car, but there was no blood or bruises. Then, all of a sudden, something hit me in the back of the head. When I woke up, I was in the pond. It was filled! I must have fallen asleep by the pond waiting for Alice and fell in, I thought to myself.

Then, I looked down at myself. As soon as I saw the webs on my feet, I knew I should have taken Alice’s dare seriously.



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