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“Unhappy” an OSN Short Story

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

“Unhappy,” Kristy, the 5-month-old baby muttered.
“I don’t get it,” a tall , boney, women named Mandy said, “I don’t get it at all, Emma.”
“You see I told you there’s something wrong with her,” said Emma. “She’s a monster, Mandy.”

“Leg,” baby Kristy said. “KNIFE!!!”
Emma gasped and pointed to Kristy.
“She is not a monster!” Mandy said.
A week had passed and Emma’s friend, Mandy, was back.
“So how are you?,” Emma asked.
“Where is she, the baby?” Mandy said in tears.
“At my mom’s,” Emma said. “So what did you want to talk about?”
“Someone broke into my house,” Mandy said in tears.
“That’s awful,” Emma said with a smile.
“Someone murdered my sister! I came home and all I found was my sister’s leg,” Mandy said.
Emma gasped.
“What, whats wrong?” Mandy cried, “It’s awful isn’t?”
“Don’t you remember what it said?” Emma said.
“It,” Mandy said. “You mean the baby?”
Emma nodded.
“That’s a coincidence. It must be,” Mandy said. “The cops are there now collecting DNA samples, to see who did it.”
“No,” Emma said. “It will get mad—it killed your sister… you have no idea what she is capable of.”
“They’re already at my house. I can’t stop them now,” Mandy said. “Anyway, I have to
“Bye,” Mandy said.
Instead of saying goodbye, Emma stood there stunned.
Three months had passed. Kristy was staying at Emma’s mom’s house because Emma didn’t want to be near Kristy. Mandy was supposed to be coming to eat lunch at Emma’s house. A couple minutes had passed since she was supposed to be there. Finally, Emma heard a knock at the door. Emma opened the door. It wasn’t Mandy. Instead it was a few police officers. They took Emma out the door and and into a police car.

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