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Hit and Run Vic Surgery Scheduled Still Waits For Justice


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The Selinsgrove Hit and Run victim is scheduled to have an important surgery — as she still waits for the driver who hit her to be brought to justice.

Kathrine Blann will be having kidney surgery on Saturday February, 4th. The surgery will keep her in the hospital for 10 days, according to Blann.

Blann told the Orange Street News that she doesn’t want to press charges. She only needs the person to come forward so their insurance will cover all of the expensive bills.

“All I want is for the person to come forward,” Blann told the Orange Street News.

Blann says that she knows the identity of who hit her and is considering filing a civil lawsuit.

When asked by the OSN why the District Attorney won’t press charges, Blann said. “The district attorney can do whatever he wants, my part is to get the person (to come forward),” Blann told the OSN.

It has been 591 days since Blann was seriously injured by a hit and run driver. Law enforcement have the vehicle, DNA results, and a person of interest, but have still not held the person who committed the crime responsible. District Attorney Mike Piecuch has refused to comment or give the public information on why no one is being held responsible.

“Please come forward as I am not pressing charges. This is a small town and I have known all along who you are… and just waiting game for you to bring your insurance card information that helps financially if this happens. Please come to me and bring your insurance information. I need two more surgeries. I HOPE you come to me before I come to you. I’m still waiting but wont,be able to wait much longer as the medical needs keep arising. Please let your insurance company pay for these needs. I am not pressing charges criminally. If you don’t come to me or have a real friend come then I know who you are and I will have to take civil action. Please let’s do this between us for my health and you can move on too,” Blann has said.

The Orange Street News is offering a $1,000 cash reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of who ever hit Katherine Blann.

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