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MESSAGE FROM PUBLISHER:Selinsgrove is Open for Business — Finally!


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The Orange Street News has reported for years about howIMG_20160403_115715 businesses were struggling in Selinsgrove. Every month it seemed like the OSN was reporting on a new business leaving.
But a new year brings some new news!
Thats right, don’t look now but business appears to be making a comeback in Selinsgrove!
This month the OSN has reported that three new businesses: Tudor House Pies, Shady Pines Primitives, and Color Outside the Lines all plan on setting up shop within the month. And wow, can the Grove really use the new business!
Earlier this year the Hip Hop Hippy Shop and Weaver’s Nest closed after only being open a few months. It had become really sad going downtown and seeing so many empty store fronts.
High rents, and too strict of rules, were both listed as part of the reason as to why so many businesses were leaving our wonderful town. A business owner even claimed the Borough Council wasn’t helping.  
But at least for now, it looks like Selinsgrove is making a come back!
The Orange Street News wishes these businesses lots of luck, and also wants to give credit where credit is deserved —Helen Walter from the Chamber of Commerce works very hard to promote our town, the members of Borough deserve credit for not fining anyone lately and instead working with the businesses, Selinsgrove Projects Inc, and most importantly, the new business owners who took a chance on our small town.
Now its up to us to go out and support them with our money! Now who wants some pie!!!!

5 comments on “MESSAGE FROM PUBLISHER:Selinsgrove is Open for Business — Finally!

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  2. Anonymous
    January 28, 2017

    Selinsgrove will be great again!


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  4. Seals4ever
    February 17, 2017

    I love reading your articles!


  5. CurtisJoma
    April 8, 2017



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