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By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A local man is searching for answers after spotting a super-sized cat in Snyder County!

The huge feline was estimated to be “5-6” times as large as a normal house cat, a witness told the Orange Street News.

“I saw something run straight through my backyard. At first I thought it was a cat but then noticed it was probably 5-6 times bigger than a cat. It was keeping very low to the ground as it moved and had longer hair and ears like a lynx,” Richards, a resident of Snyder County, told the Orange Street News.

The big cat was spotted near a wooded area near Mill Road in Snyder County nearly two weeks ago, according to the witness. He tried to take a picture but the cat was too quick.

“It was headed into brush. I tried to take a picture but it was too late. People should keep an eye on their pets. This thing, whatever it was, could have taken my dog in a heartbeat,” Richard told the OSN.

The Game Commission Communications Director Travis Lau told the Orange Street News that the mysterious beast could have been a bob cat, mountain lion, or even a western cougar!

“A western cougar, in at least one case, has been documented migrating extraordinary distances. And there are captive cougars within Pennsylvania that could get loose. That said, the eastern cougar, which was native to Pennsylvania at the time the state was settled, long has been extirpated. There is a chance the animal seen could have been a bobcat, or even a housecat, fisher or something else. A lot of the reports we have gotten and investigated and photos we have reviewed of animals people believed to have been mountain lions have been determined to be something else.

Still, Lau also wouldn’t be surprised if the beast turned out to be a house cat.

“While it might seem laughable that someone would mistake a bobcat or housecat for a mountain lion, it has happened.”

If anyone has spotted a very large cat and has pictures please contact Hilde Lysiak at


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