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OSN Short Story: Moon House

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Once there was a house called the Moon house. Everyone said it was haunted. There were many reasons why people thought that. Some people thought that since it was such an old house, it had to be haunted. Others thought that since so many people had died there, there must be ghosts. But the the most popular reason was what happened many years ago.

It was a very cold and stormy night. At the time the storm hit, there were many people traveling to find places to build their home. Since the Moon house was the first and, at that time only, house in the country of DopSaw, many people held shelter in the Moon house.

So at the time there were hundreds of people gathered in the Moon house. Well, people called it the Moon house but it wasn’t really a house, it was a mansion. The main floor alone had around 125 rooms, all numbered. All of them were big, but there was one room that was even bigger. It was room 1-1. It was the first room you would see when you walked in. In it were wooden chairs with dark red pillows on them, gathered around a small green table with a lamp. The walls were a dark purple. Then there was a shiny wooden door with a silver door knob. Through the door was a long narrow hallway, with many more of the shiny wooden doors with the silver knobs. Through the first door on the left side was a long, narrow, room—room 1-2—with a long narrow wooden table. The table top was covered with glasses of water. But none of the guests knew this because room 1-2 were always locked.

Although the house had many floors, and rooms, the most interesting part of the mansion was the under ground part. The under ground part of the mansion was used to have funerals. It had iron walls and ceilings. Cob webs covered the walls along with a few torches.

One of the many people gathered at the Moon house was named Hannah. She decided to explore the house. After exploring many of the floors she went back to the main floor. Then she saw a wooden door with a metal handle. She opened the door and instead of seeing a big room like the others, she saw a stair case leading under ground. She went down the stairs. But before she was even able to look around, some woman started screaming at her.

“You can’t be down there!” some lady said, “Sorry…I mean have some water.”

But Hannah recognized her. Her name was Alice Moon. She was the owner of the Moon house! Hannah carefully took the water and took a sip. As soon as she did, she fell to the ground. She was dead.

Then a group of people came only to see Hannah dead on the ground. More and more and people came down until everyone was down there.

The crowd of people gasped.

“Calm down everyone,” Alice Moon said. “Have some water.”

As soon as everyone took a sip of the water, everyone fell to the ground. Except Alice Moon.

2 comments on “OSN Short Story: Moon House

  1. Skip Press (@skippress)
    February 14, 2017

    Alice Moon must be from the government.


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