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OSN Short Story: Dust


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Once there was a forest of amazing beauty that had a large clearing in the middle.

In the clearing, there were around two hundred houses. Each house was small, but inviting. Instead of dirt, the ground was filled with a light, silky dust. It was thinner than sand and gave off the scent of chocolate covered roses.

No one lived in them now, but a long time ago there was an old women who lived in one of the houses. It was her house that was built first on the clearing. And for many years she had the entire clearing to herself, living alone in the beautiful forest.

This made her very happy. She wanted the forest all to herself. She thought that as long as she didn’t tell anyone about the forest then it would stay that way.

But it wasn’t long until a man wondered into the forest. He saw the same beauty that old woman did. The old lady

Against her wishes, he told the outside world.

It wasn’t long before many people came to the forest to live. The old lady was not happy about that, and the people knew it.

Three months later, the old woman was found dead in her house.

Her lungs full of dust.

After her death, the sweet smelling dust turned rotten. Instead of chocolate covered roses, it smelled dead animals dipped in ammonia.

The disgusting smell was too much for everyone. They began to think it was haunted. They all moved out of the forest.

Well, no one knows for sure why they left, but that’s what people think.

The forest began closing in over the clearing. The weeds grew larger. The dust stayed soured. And the story of the old woman’s death spread far and changed many times. In many stories, she had become a witch.

Many years later three girls were having a sleep over. One of the girls dared another to go in to the clearing. Their moms told them that witches went in the forest and they would make you live forever in pain, but they knew it was just a lie to keep them out of the forest.

“I will,” one of the girls, Sally, responded. “There’s nothing to be afraid of there.”

Sally had blue eyes and brown hair. She was 12 years old and very short.

“And you have go in that dead old lady’s house,” one of the girls added.

“Sure,” Sally said.

“Make sure that old lady won’t get you and kill you with her magic dust,” one of the girls said smiling.

So she put her shoes on and went to the clearing. As she approached the house, she took a deep breath before opening the door and walked in. As soon as she did, she heard screaming.

“Get out,” the screaming said, “Get out get out GET OUT!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” Sally screamed.

She turned around to leave but she couldn’t believe what she saw. It was the old lady blocking the door. She was the one screaming!!!

“How are you alive?” Sally screamed.

The old lady smiled. She started throwing the putrid smelling dust on her and laughing hysterically.

“RUN RUN RUN,” the old lady said.

Sally turned away from the door that the old lady was blocking, and ran through the kitchen and out the back door. Sally ran and ran and ran until she reached her house. But she felt different. She felt like thorns were stabbing into her neck.

Then Sally realized that she would always feel like this. And there was no way out of of it.

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