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Borough “Reviewing” Report as Funding to DH&L Remains Unclear


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The Borough Council is reviewing an auditor general’s report that revealed several laws were broken by the Dauntless Hook and Ladder as it is still not clear if the borough will agree to continue funding the volunteer fire company.

Asked if the borough would be withholding funds, Borough President Paul Williams only told the Orange Street News in an email that board members had a report and, “It is under review at this time. The report was not discussed during the public meeting.”

After seeing the same report Penn Township decided to withhold nearly $80,000 in donated funds until they see a full financial statement, sources told the OSN.

According to the report, the rule breaking include:

– Inadequate Relief Association Bylaws

– Failure To Adhere To Relief Association Bylaws

– Inadequate Minutes Of Meetings And Approvals Of Financial- Related Business Of The Relief Association

– Insufficient Surety (Fidelity) Bond Coverage

– Failure To Disclose Related Party Transaction

Read the full report here.

The firefighters involved in the rule breaking “didn’t even get a slap on the wrist,” according to sources.

The OSN has been exclusively reporting on the rule breaking for several weeks now, much of which was revealed at a private meeting in February. 

“Members found invoices that were marked as purchases for the race track,” the source tells the OSN.

One fire fighter “was observed putting fuel into gas cans and five gallon buckets, and even told the members that saw him, that he was taking it to the race track,” according to sources.

The Fire Company refused to allow OSN to attend the meeting — claiming it was “not public.”

The Fire Company’s account is set up to automatically be a tax exempt account because it’s a non profit organization (Scroll down to see form). The race track is not tax exempt. But the OSN has discovered that several members of the Fire Company have money ties to the Selinsgrove Speedway.


After the OSN broke the story, DH&L Fire Company Chief Brandon Ulrich told the OSN that the information should have never gone public. “This is a internal investigation that should never have been leaked out and will be handled accordingly.”
Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.12.43 PM

Last week Chief Ulrich told the OSN he will be releasing a statement. The OSN will publish that statement in full.

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10 comments on “Borough “Reviewing” Report as Funding to DH&L Remains Unclear

  1. Anonymous
    April 19, 2017

    Great work! I guess no other news outlets find this important but they would if it was their money being used incorrectly and forgery of names and minutes of minutes. Hopefully they will see that the fire company itself is down to 4-5 people running calls and that includes the chiefs. such a sad thing..


  2. Concerned Citizen
    April 19, 2017

    Hilde, why don’t you report what the AG’s report says about how this issue is going to be resolved????? The Auditor General’s report says that it will monitor this fire company thru their audits of the fire company’s books. These “rules” that were “broken” would have been found anyway Hilde, as this fire company is audited every so many years by the Auditor General’s office.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anonymous
    April 19, 2017

    yup its true however since they chose not to have meetings and when they knew they were going to be caught made up fake minutes and used names of people who were not happy about being involved it becomes much more. seems like more of a buddy buddy group than anything. why did so many good people leave then if its so simple to fix? yup they made out very well with punishment but it does not change the fact of what was done. they have to live with their conscience


  4. Donate blood
    April 19, 2017

    I read on the DH&L Facebook that fire chief Don W. stepped down on January 1. Perhaps he knew he would get caught. The web keeps getting bigger. I guess he took a play from Dawayne Betzer’s training manual.


  5. Tony B
    April 19, 2017

    I thought I read a comment that Northridge Group sold DH&L a truck that didn’t run. Is this true?


  6. Anonymous
    April 20, 2017

    Betzer works for Northridge too.. Hmm..


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