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Official: No Fee for Vet’s Memorial Day Ceremony

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By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Reports that the American Legion in Selinsgrove would have to pay unexpected fees if they want to have their Memorial Day Ceremony this year are “inaccurate,” according to local officials.

Below is a statement from Borough President Paul Williams obtained by the Orange Street News.

“There are no associated fees,” Williams told the OSN in an email. “The Borough Council will consider the granting of approval of the permit at their May 1st 2017 meeting. It has anticipated the event since their January meeting and listed it as a reoccurring event that has become a tradition to honor our veterans.”

The April 19th report from Vince Stoops, who runs the news site Selinsgrove Concerned Citizens and is very involved with local veterans, reported that “a surprise set of last-minute paperwork, permits, fees, and paywalls are required or the event was off.”

However, Stoops says he was told a different story.

“I think Mr Williams is using the term ‘inaccurate’ inaccurately.,” Stoops told the OSN. “One of the requirements of the unnecessary permit is the purchase of a special insurance policy, although we already have insurance. When I asked Ms. Badman for a copy of previous years’ paperwork she says exists to simply copy she told me I would have to file the right-to-know request, which has a fee attached. ”

“The problem is that if they do have anything on file from previous years it was the result of tricking old veterans so officials could feel powerful. That is wrong in my opinion, even if it is legal,” added Stoops.

Stoops says he did file the right-to-know requests but added that he is happy that the veterans will be able to march this Memorial Day, which is May 29th.

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