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By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Once there were three girls. They were having a sleepover. Their names were Alice, Lola, and Sarah. It was almost 2:45am so they were all tired. Since they were so tired, all they were doing was sitting on the bed scrolling on their phones. Suddenly, Alice came across something very peculiar:

Hide and seek alone


What you will need:

You will need a doll

You will need a red threadScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.29.20 AM

You will need salt

You will need a knife

You will need a cross

You will need a hiding place

You will need a lock of your own hair


1.Take your knife and cut open your doll

2.Stuff you doll half way full with salt

3.Then take a lock of your hair and put it in the doll

4.Stuff the rest of your doll with salt, then stitch it up with a red thread

5. Name your doll

The demon should be entering your doll at 3:00am so now take your cross and your weapon and go to your hiding place and wait. If the doll comes near you, then stab it. The game begins now. If the doll has not found you by 4:00am you are safe. UNTIL FOUR DON’T FALL ASLEEP. DON’T LEAVE THE HIDING SPOT OR ELSE IT WILL NOT WANT TO POSSESS THE DOLL ANYMORE.

“Hey, look at this,” Alice said as she showed them the screen of the phone, “We should play.”

Sarah and Lola looked at each other then said, “sure.”

None of them believed in demons so what’s the harm, they thought to themselves.

“Wait. It says it needs a lock of our hair. I can’t do that my mom will kill me,” Lola said.

“Just cut a small piece. Your mom will never know,” Alice said.

“Fine,” Lola said.

They quickly gathered up all the things they needed. They decided on the closet as their hiding place. They followed the directions and went into the closet with their knife and cross and waited.

Thirty minutes passed and nothing happened. It was three thirty and they were so tired so they went to their rooms and went to bed.

When they woke up they went to get rid of the doll so their parents would not find out, but the doll was not there.

“Where is the doll?” Alice screamed.

“Do you think we got it mad?” Sarah asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous it’s a doll…ummm…maybe your mom came home and took it…call her,” Lola said.

“Ok fine… mom are you home from Africa yet?… oh okay, bye…She is still in Africa,” Alice said.

“On that thing that taught us how to play it said that you can’t go to sleep until 4… we went to sleep before 4… it says if you go to sleep, the demon won’t possess the doll but something else…but…then is it….” Sarah couldn’t finish.

She started coughing uncontrollably.

“Are you ok?” asked Lola.

Sarah stopped coughing. She looked up, ignoring Lola’s question. “Alice where did you get that cross we used last night?… why is it on your night stand?”

“It was my great grandmother’s… why?” asked Alice.

“Destroy it. That’s the thing that’s making the weird things happen,” Sarah said.

With out a doubt, Alice grabbed the cross and snapped it in half.

The second the cross had snapped they heard the small pitter patter of little feet. It was the doll. It appeared by Sarah’s side. It was handing her a knife. Sarah took the knife in her hand and stared up at her friends, smiling.




  1. Evelyn Adams
    May 18, 2017

    Wow, freakibg good story!


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