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Stolen Sign Returned Owner Decides Not to Press Charges

May 18, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The large sign stolen from a local business has finally been returned and its owner has decided not to press charges, the Orange Street News has learned.

Nearly a mouth ago the sign from Uniquely Sakura was found outside a school in Catonsville, Maryland by Vina on April 27, 2017. It took a while, but nearly a month later the large sign was returned to Sakura owner Cheri DeSiena.

“I am so happy to have the sign back and very grateful to the lady who found it,” DeSiena told the Orange Street News.

The OSN obtained exclusive video footage that showed someone stealing the large sign in front of Uniquely Sakura on February 25th. The location of the sign had remained a mystery, until Vina, a retired medical worker, spotted it in an unusual place — leaning against a fence near a local school — in Catonsville, Maryland.17106201_1401522419897833_1751199339_o

“I was walking my dog about a week ago and I saw this sign leaning against the fence,” Vina told the Orange Street News from her home in Catonsville. “I thought, that doesn’t look right.”

So as soon as Vina got home she got on her computer and began to investigate.

“I Google searched the words on the sign and I was able to get an address. I found out it was a store in Selinsgrove,” she said.

The signs owner, Cheri DeSiena, says she was shocked to receive the call.

“I was floored,” Cheri DeSiena told the Orange Street News in an exclusive interview. “I was just totally astounded that my sign could get that far away.”

Sources told the OSN that security immediately cross checked every student at Susquehanna University to see if any had links to that town. They got a hit. An SU student from Catonsville happened to be at his home town on Spring break around the time the sign was recovered.

After they confronted the student with their evidence, he confessed to stealing the missing sign, putting in his trunk, driving it to Maryland and then dumping outside of the school after the OSN announced the cash reward.

DeSiena agreed to not press charges on the SU student, as long as the sign was returned to her.

The OSN had offered a 100 dollar reward for finding the missing sign and the reward money went to Vina.

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