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Grove Alleged Rape Hearing Delayed

May 22 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The preliminary hearing for the Virginia man accused of raping and choking a Selinsgrove woman in her apartment was delayed as more details came out by the suspect’s criminal past.

The preliminary hearing for Charles Moxley, who has been charged with rape, has been delayed to June 14 at 11:15 for “unknown reasons,” according to the court.

The Orange Street News has also learned that Moxley has a criminal past.

In 2010 Moxley was charged with Sexual Assault of a Child aged 13-14 back. On 5/26/10 Moxley was convicted of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile and sentenced to 12 months all suspended, supervised probation, successful completion of sex offender group. He was also ordered to have no unsupervised contact with minors.

The alleged Selinsgrove victim claims that on the night of March 24th she had the suspect at her apartment, but went to sleep feeling safe because she believed her roommate was awake, according to police.

Moxley is now accused of raping and strangling a woman he just met in her Market Street apartment, according to police.

The victim was taken to Evangelical Hospital on March 25th after claiming that Moxley “forcibly had sex with her without her permission,” according to the criminal complaint. The victim was also choked, according to police.

“Victim H stated on Saturday morning at approx 0300 hours is when the unwanted sex occurred at (OSN is withholding the address). Victim H stated that this was the first time meeting Moxley.

Victim H stated she thought she was safe because her roommate was home but then the roommate fell asleep and that is when Moxley forced him in her,” read the criminal complaint.

The victim’s roommate backed up her claim in a written statement, according to police.

“I was in my computer room and the victim came to me and informed me that Charles Moxley forced himself on her earlier that morning. Where I suggested that he should leave. Then Charles Moxley came to speak with me where he admitted “he did force himself on her because of impulse where I stated to him that not how he treats a woman. He kept on stating yes he did do it again because his parents didn’t raise him like that!! From there he went to bed and I did not hear him the rest of the night,” read the statement.

In a series of text messages, Moxley allegedly claimed that he “wasn’t thinking at the time,” according to police.

The alleged text messages between Moxley and the victim are below:

Victim H: You do not respect me when I say no sex I meant it and it feels like rape honestly.

Victim H: I’m not going through this I’m sorry.

Moxley: Well that wasn’t my intention but whatever you wanna do but we have to leave here at 9 and I’ll drive down there and that’s why you say stop but I’m sorry I was just trying to make a moment I’m nothing but a fuck up to the world.

Moxley: IDC anymore that no one wants me I just wanna go home in the morning

Victim H: Please just answer my question.

Victim H: Then I’ll go.

Moxley: What question babe

Victim H: I know but why did you force me why didn’t you stop when I said so

Moxley: I did answer I said IDK I wasn’t thinking at the time

Victim H: Even when I yelled at you and tried to stop and said no?

Moxley: I know but let’s drop it I feel bad and I don’t wanna have problems like that again I wanna just do everything you want like be calm and

Moxley: If you are gonna start drama I don’t want to hear it babe.

Victim H: I need to get this off my chest please answer me when I said no I did not want to have sex from the first time we chatted you forced me too!! I said no and I said stop but you held me
down…I’m just trying to get you to admit what you did wrong then I’m done.

Victim H: I need to know what was going through your head because I’m trying to work things out on my head.

Moxley: No your trying to get me in trouble and admit to sumthing I didn’t do I’m not dumb you prolly have the cops there and what not.

Moxley is charged with Rape by Force, Aggravated Assault, and Strangulation.


3 comments on “Grove Alleged Rape Hearing Delayed

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  2. Anonymous
    January 25, 2018

    If she barely knew him, why drive 2 hours to pick him up? If he allegedly raped you, why would you agree to take him home? If she had called the cops immediately after the sexual contact occurred, I’d believe her. As “He’s Innocent” said her allegation makes no sense. Why would you agree to take someone back home if they allegedly raped you? Even then, she could have told his parents or driven to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and told them. I hope he’s acquitted or gets the case dismissed with prejudice and then expunged from his record.


  3. Anonymous
    August 25, 2018

    Um, I know this asshole and I knew what he did. He confessed it. He was lucky that I did not beat the living hell out of him. Not to mention he has been in trouble for this before. If you want to side with a rapist then you are apart of the problem.


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