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Woman Allegedly Uses Bra to Steal From Grove Biz

June 20 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Sunbury women was charged with retail theft after allegedly hiding $60.41 worth of vaping products from a local store by hiding them in her bra.

Police were called after employees allegedly saw video footage showing Jeannie Marie Elmore stealing bottles of e-liquid on 3/23/2017 from Vapor Worx totaling $60.41, according to police.

“The video from vapor works does show Elmore picking up two bottles and placing them within her shirt/bra. Elmore does pickup another bottle unknown where that bottle was placed but was never returned to the rack,” read the criminal complaint.

Elmore did pay for a bottle Vanilla bean 3MG 15 ML for $9.54 before leaving the store, according to police.

Elmore was charged with retail theft, and receiving stolen property.

A hearing will be held on 8/01 at 1025 US route 522 Selinsgrove PA.


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