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EXCLUSIVE: Drug use Alleged at Grove CVS

June 20, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Middleburg women was charged with drug related crimes after allegedly being found with several hypodermic needles, white pills, and other drugs after raising suspicions at a local CVS pharmacy, according to police.

A manager at the CVS at 1000 North Market Street in Selinsgrove called police after they suspected drug activity on store property on June 10th. CVS described the suspect as dressed in all black and wearing a back-pack. A short time later police picked up Robin Marie Mull on the N Susquehanna Trail.

Police say Mull then confessed to the drug use.

“…I spoke with Mull while on scene. Mull related on 06/10/17, at approximately 2000 hours, she had left CVS to go to Sheetz located on N Susquahanna Trail to wait for a ride home. Mull related that she had used Cocaine earlier that day, however, she denied recenetly useing any drugs at CVS… Upon searching her hand bag we found three hypodermic needles, thirty seven white oval pills, and one spoon with suspected drug residue,” read the criminal complaint.

Hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and illegal prescription pills have become increasingly common in Selinsgrove.

As part of an ongoing investigation, the Orange Street News spoke to multiple students who are currently going to Selinsgrove High School. They see a drug problem spiraling out of control with no one doing anything to stop it.

The OSN agreed to withhold the names of the students who shared their stories and concerns about what they see happening with their classmates. They hope their information makes a difference.

“No one has any idea how bad it really is. It used to just be pot. Now everyone is using harder drugs. And it isn’t just the freaks. Its the kids no one would expect,” a student told the OSN.

Selinsgrove Superintendent Chad Cohrs told the Orange Street News that parents can help out by checking their kids cell phones and reporting illegal activities directly to the police.

Mull was charged with several drug related charges.

A hearing will be held on 7/24 at 1025 US route 522 Selinsgrove PA.

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