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Alleged Heroin Addict Steals “Butt Can”

August 2, 2017
By Hilde Kate Lysiak
A Sunbury man who was allegedly found with a bb gun and a heroin syringe last June, was released only to be found a month later swiping a “cigarette butt can” off someone’s porch in Selinsgrove, according to police.
Police were called to Shamokin Dam on 06/10/17 after the cigarette butt can went missing. The victim showed the police video footage of the crime, which allegedly showed Bryan Zimmerman Brubacker taking the victims cigarette butt.
“The video shows Brubacker walking across old trail and stepping into the porch of the victims home. Brubacker bends down and picks up the Cigarette can and looks with in the window of the front door. Brubacker then walks away crossing the old trail once again carrying with him the cigarette can,” Read the criminal complaint.
It wasn’t Brubacker’s first brush with the law.
Just a few weeks earlier on 5/8/2017, police claim they found Brubacker sleeping under the Veterans Memorial Day Bridge with a pocket knife, a bb gun, upon a search of his back pack police found a syringe.
“Upon search of the defendant’s backpack, an orange caped 100ml syringe was found wrapped up in a paper towel. This officer asked the Defendant why he had this at which time he stated that he relapsed and used it for heroin.”
Brubacker was charged with theft and possessing drugs.
A hearing will be held for all charges at 1025 US RT 522 at 8/08 11:30.

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