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Grove High to Consider Random Drug Testing — Despite Super Chors Telling OSN School Needs “Reasonable Suspicion” to Search.

August 4th, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The Selinsgrove School district will consider a policy of testing students at random at the July 7th School Board meeting — despite Superintendant Chad Chors telling the OSN in a video interview that the school needs “reasonable suspicion” to search students (SEE FULL INTERVIEW ABOVE).

“The school board is considering a random drug testing policy at the meeting on the 7th,” a message sent to school parents read.

But last May, Super Chad Chors told the OSN in a video interview that the school could only test students if they “had a reasonable suspicion that they may have drugs or alcohol.”

OSN: Let’s move on to whats being done to stop this problem. The Orange Street News has learned that drug dogs have come into schools and sniff lockers every now and then for drugs, but sources told the Orange Street News, students told the Orange Street News, that the dogs don’t go into the actual classrooms where the students are so now more students are keeping the drugs on them. So have you considered letting the dogs into the classrooms?

Mr. Chad Cohrs: We’ve talked about it but legally we can’t do that. That’s part of a state law and constitutional right that we can’t have the dogs search the students. So the only way we can search students is if we as a school have reasonable suspicion that they may have drugs or alcohol in their possession.

Superintendant Chad Chors was unavailable for immediate comment.

Selinsgrove is trying to deal with a serious drug issue.

A day after an Orange Street News investigation revealed a shocking rise in heavy drugs like heroin inside of Selinsgrove High School, Superintendent Chad Cohrs acknowledged just how big of a drug problem is confronting the school in a letter to parents asking for the public’s help.

“The Selinsgrove Area has been experiencing a marked increase in drug activity which is impacting our students,” read the letter. “While drug and alcohol usage is not something new, the frequency and types of drugs we are seeing is cause for increased concern. The use of prescription medications such as Xanax, Vicodin, and Oxycodone are on the rise. Use of other street drugs, such as heroin, are also increasing.”

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