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FIVE QUESTIONS: Artist Chris Kalcich

August 5, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


Residents are scooping up the art work of a Selinsgrove’s new hot artist. The OSN caught up with 16-year old Chris Kalcich this morning at the Farmer’s Market at the Selinsgrove Commons to ask him five questions:

Q: What inspired you?

A: If i am in the mood to draw something then I’ll draw that.

Q: Were you always good at art or was it something that you had to practice a lot for?

A: I was drawing since I was little but I didn’t really get good until about a few years ago when I started self teaching myself. I watched videos online on how to do things.

Q: Is this something you want to do when your older?

A: I am planning on going to college for art education with a minor in business so I could teach and have a studio office on the side so I could do both things I love.

Q: How many have you sold

A: I don’t know the exact number but i have sold out in one print


If you are interested in buying art then contact Chris at





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    August 12, 2018



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