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UPDATE: Borough Council Member Says Innocent, Going to Fight Charges.

August 10, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
A Selinsgrove Borough Council Member who police allege helped a woman get an illegal inspection sticker says he is innocent and prepared to fight the charges.
Borough Council Member Brian Farrell was charged with “altered forged or counterfeit documents and plates.” This happened after a Selinsgrove resident Kelly Wertz allegedly came in to Firehouse Auto and used fake insurance to get her car inspected.  Police claim that Farrell was “present and aware of Wertz using the incorrect registration and insurance information to obtain a PA Annual Inspection sticker,” according to the criminal complaint.
Farrell says that while he accepts responsibility for owning the inspection station, the allegation that he knew Wertz was using fake papers is one hundred percent false.
“I know everybody who comes into that business but I don’t know the particulars on inspecting the car or what you needed to do or not that’s up to the agent,” Farrell told the Orange Street News.

“Did I know she was getting her car inspected? Yes, but that was all that I know,” he added.
The Orange Street News reached out to the police to ask what evidence they had that Farrell was aware of the scheme but have not heard back.
The OSN also reached out to Kelly Wertz, but no one answered her door and calls to her listed number says her phone has been disconnected.
Farrell is a local business owner and says he just wants the record set straight.
“That police officer came and asks if you know her. Everybody knows everybody in Selinsgrove of course I know who all the people are who come in there that’s how you get costumers,” said Farrell.
“I’ve been in business here a long time I have nothing but good references for all of my clients so for them to try to do that or say something like that is really sad,” added Farrell.
A hearing will be held on 9/06 at 10:15 at 1025 us rt 522 Selinsgrove Pa.

One comment on “UPDATE: Borough Council Member Says Innocent, Going to Fight Charges.

  1. Linda
    April 23, 2018

    I’m guessing he knew what was going on considering they were sleeping together at one point but who knows


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