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Williamsport Women Charged With Theft After Allegedly Stealing From Local Store

August 17, 2017
By Hilde Kate Lysiak
A Williamsport women was charged with retail theft after allegedly stealing electronics from a local kohl’s on 01/07/17.
Jasmine Maree Fields, 32, allegedly attempted to steal 3 ihome wireless headsets, and 2 Mophie iPhone juice packs, from Kohl’s on 405 Marketplace Monroe township, but was caught when surveillance footage caught her in the act, according to police.

Police got a hold of the Field’s boyfriend, who confirmed that she was the one on tape, according to the criminal complaint.
“I interviewed (BOYFRIEND) at the psp Selinsgrove Barracks. (BOYFRIEND) related that on 01/07/2017 he and his girlfriend went shopping at Kohl’s. (BOYFRIEND) related that he did not go into the store but his girlfriend did. (BOYFRIEND) further related his girlfriend was Jasmine Maree Fields, the defendant. (BOYFRIEND) related that when Fields came out of the store he observed her talking with another female Yarger. (BOYFRIEND) related that when Fields got back into the vehicle she told him to leave. (BOYFRIEND) confirmed that Fields was the actor on the surveillance photo of Fields. (BOYFRIEND) further related that he was not aware of what fields was doing,” Read the criminal complaint.
Fields was charged with retail theft, and receiving stolen property.

2 comments on “Williamsport Women Charged With Theft After Allegedly Stealing From Local Store

  1. Eleni Otto
    August 25, 2017

    How much is a year’s subscription, I need to renew! I see on the left it is $19.99 and on the right it is $14.99 so I am not sure, please let me know. My current subscription is about to expire, we live in New Mexico if that matters ; )) Thank you.


  2. Querent2000
    March 2, 2019

    What’s a female Yarger?


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