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OSN SHORT STORY: Voices From Above


Once there was a place. A very small place. It had only three houses so people were forced to share them. So the houses became apartment buildings. The three houses were all on the same block, almost crammed together. They had pink shingles on the roof and open walls so they could see the rest of the block.
Outside the small place, there was a lot of space. But the people who lived in the small place were too afraid to explore, so they all remained crammed together.
A block away from the houses was a boarding school for all ages. It used to be just a school, but since there was not a lot of room, it became a boarding school. Around two miles away from the school, there were no houses but giant tents with furniture. In the tents, were the people who were sick of living in the crammed block, so they moved to the edge of town. People knew that there was more to their town but everyone was to afraid too explore it.
After some of the people moved into the tents, the people left in the houses were no longer quite so crammed together. In time living with some space, they each started to feel less afraid of exploring.
So one day all of people from the crammed together houses decided that they would explore the unknown part of town. On the way, they got the tent people to join them. They needed to expand their part of town–they had been thinking about it for a while, but had finally gathered the courage.
So finally, the people were all ready to go. They walked and they kept walking. They were now three miles past the tent when they came to see something incredibly strange. It was like a mountain but looked like it was made out of wood with blue paint on it, and it was shaped like a giant staircase. It went down, not up.
“Lets go down it.” someone said.
They walked down. As they went down it, they all heard yelling from above. The voice sounded unlike anything they had heard before. They all screamed. Until the voices stopped.
“We need to hide,” one of the people said.

They all found a secret place to hide and camp out. All the people looked around. It was a strange place, but not one to expand their world onto, they decided. It was too dangerous with the voices coming from the sky.
One night had passed and they all decided to go back. Exploring did not seem worth the risk any longer. As soon as they walked out of hiding they felt a hand–the hand picked up someone and after the person tried to move, the hand screamed and threw the person into a giant fire pit.
All of a sudden, the rest of the people from the school came running towards the explorers.
“We came to find you so we can live here but…wait– what’s going on?” One of the students asked, looking around in terror.
One by one the hand threw them in the fire… but the hand… it looked like more than just a hand… it looked like a giant!!!


One comment on “OSN SHORT STORY: Voices From Above

  1. Chase Barber
    August 19, 2017

    You should consider recording these stories.


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