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Snyder County Prisoner Allegedly Punches Guard

August 21, 2017
By Hilde Kate Lysiak
A Selinsgrove man was charged with aggravated assault after allegedly punching a prison guard and threatening him with a mop, on 07/26/17, according to police.
Donald Ray Jackson, 44, a prisoner at the Snyder County prison, allegedly whacked prison guard, Kevin Johnson after the guard ordered Jackson to return to his cell. Jackson was ‘wrestled to the ground’ and returned to his cell, according to police. The attack left swelling and redness on the side of Johnson’s head.
“The alteration transpired as Johnson informed the accused that his recreation time was over and that he needed to go back to his cell. At this time the accused refused to go back to his cell and had a mop in his hand and began to wave it at Johnson. Johnson then took the mop from the accused and the accused then punched the victim on the right side of his head with a closed fist. After this initial contact Johnson wrestled the accused to the ground and with the assistance of other guards, the accused was handcuffed and taken to his cell,” read the criminal complaint.
Jackson was charged with Simple Assault, and Harassment.
A hearing will be held on 8/30 at 10:45 at 1025 RT 522 Selinsgrove PA.


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