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Stolen Grove Vacuum Cleaner Sold for Cocaine, MA Woman Charged

September 25, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Massachusetts women was one of three people charged as part of a retail theft plot after allegedly trying to steal $2334 in tools from a local Lowe’s — which included a vacuum cleaner allegedly sold to support one of the suspects drug habits.

Sharon Laizzette Brooks, 28, allegedly came into Lowe’s on 1389 n Susquehanna trail in Monroe township, on 07/28/17 and allegedly took tools, then drove away in a small U-Haul, but was caught after a quick thinking store employee wrote down the license plate number.

“3 individuals came into the store and selected multiple items totaling $2334 without paying for the items. The items included a Dewalt 5-tool cordless combo kit ($579) two Dewalt 4-tool cordless combo kits ($279ea) Dewalt 20v 1\2 cordless impact wrench ($279) a Dewalt two-tool cordless combo kit ($319) and a Dyson cordless vacuum ($599),” read the criminal complaint.

The second individual is only identified by police as “Frederick,” who allegedly told police he stole a vacuum and sold it to buy drugs, but didn’t know about the tools, according to police.

“Frederick admitted to stealing the vacuum cleaner and selling it at an undisclosed location in Allentown for drug money to buy cocaine to support his habit,” read the criminal complaint.

Brooks was charged with receiving stolen property and criminal conspiracy theory.
A hearing will be held on 10/10 at 9:45 at 1025 US RT 522, in Selinsgrove.


One comment on “Stolen Grove Vacuum Cleaner Sold for Cocaine, MA Woman Charged

  1. alastair
    November 8, 2017

    People are not suposed to do that.


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