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Grove Security Drill May Include “Act of Terrorism” and “Armed Intruder Situation”

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

December 14, 2017

A security drill will be held at the Selinsgrove school district that may include a violent threat situation.

A paper was sent home on December 12, to all students to let there guardians know of a new drill that will act as if there was a terrorism attack , the terrorism drills will be held at 12/19/17, at the Elementary school in the morning, at 12/20/17, in the afternoon, at the high school, at 1/5/18 in the afternoon, at the intermediate school, and at 1/11/18 in the afternoon at the middle school.

“This drill may include, but is not limited to an act of terrorism, armed intruder situation and/or other violent threats. These drills will be held in addition to our regular scheduled fire drills, and natural disaster drills,” read the paper sent home to students by superintendent Chad Chors.

Superintendent Chad Chors told the Orange Street News that the drills are important for school safety.

“Security drills are important as they allow us to practice and review procedures and improve how we respond to various situations,” Chors wrote in an email to the OSN.

2 comments on “Grove Security Drill May Include “Act of Terrorism” and “Armed Intruder Situation”

  1. Jessica Suphan
    December 14, 2017

    Horrifying that this has to happen, but it made me think of something. I’d love to read something like a Get To Know Your Reporter section or something, maybe its own piece or maybe a couple lines at the bottom of an article? I always wonder how reporters feel about what they’re reporting. And some professionals you can tell, they use words like “horrifying” or “exciting” so you can get a glimmer of what they’re thinking, but you’re so good at stating only the facts that that rarely happens. And something like being taught how to behave if there was a terror attack…I only graduated from high school three years ago, and we had a shooting attempt and my Criminal Justice teacher taught us how to survive if someone tried again and it was terrifying and emboldening at the same time. I just get curious about how you feel about things, so it’d be fun to get a sentence or a once a month piece about it if that sounds fun to you.


  2. john
    July 7, 2018



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