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Alleged Grove Meth Lab Dealer Found Hiding in Kitchen Cabinet Pit Bull “Subdued”

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


The Selinsgrove man charged with operating a meth lab out of his Market Street home was found hiding in a cabinet as equipment to make and deliver drugs, including a smoking bottle of chemicals were found nearby, according to police.

Jeremy Wertz, 36, was charged after police allegedly found the meth operation in the basement of his house at 345 Market Street on December 12 by his parole officers. When the officers saw the equipment they quickly called police.

“On entry to the rear porch of the basement, chemical processing equipment compatible to a methamphetamine laboratory operation was observed in full view. One “pot” comprised of a clear plastic bottle, was still smoking from the chemical reaction,” read the criminal complaint.IMG_20171213_122646_resized_20171213_122654502

When Selinsgrove police arrived, they found an angry dog guarding the property that needed to be “subdued,” according to police.

“A large male pit bull had to be subdued on entry to the home,” read the complaint.

After police pulled Wertz out of the cabinet, they found evidence that a lot of drugs were being made inside the home, according to police.

“Clearing the apartment found evidence of drug manufacturing, possession, and possession with intent to deliver inside the basement of the residence. Evidence of fresh preparation of chemical substance was observed in the basement,” continued the complaint.

The evidence included “multiple one pot cookers,” “chemicals,” “suspected methamphetamine in various stages of preparation,” and “other drug related items,” according to police.


Police also claimed that “the presence of the active clandestine laboratory, in operation at the time of contact, posed a significant safety threat to the public.”IMG_20171213_110313_resized_20171213_122527161

The OSN attempted to knock on Wertz’s door to get his side of the story, but no one answered. The windows of the home were covered with pillows and cushions.

Wertz was charged with several drug related charges.

A hearing will be held on 12/28 at 9:15 at 1025 us rt 522 in Selinsgrove.

Police closed the main strip of Selinsgrove for several hours as they went through the home. The street closing caused several heated moments. (SEE VIDEO BELOW).


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