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OSN Short Story: Eyes Wide Closed


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Once there was a girl named Alice. Alice loved art. So much that her family decided to take her to a famous art gallery for her birthday that was a few hours from where she lived. It was a long ride, but Alice didn’t mind. Her family would bring snacks, and play games in the car. But Alice didn’t want to. She was just so exited to go to the gallery that she could not think about anything else.
So she sat in the middle seat of the back row of the gray and black car and she looked out the window. Fields with beautiful red flowers passed her by. The car was moving so fast that it looked like red smudges of paint on a green piece of paper. It reminded her of a painting she saw online that was at the gallery she was going to. It had a field with roses and two mean looking farmers with green faces looking right at who ever dared to look at the picture. The car was filled with noise but all she could hear was faint sounds of laughter. She was so focused on art.
“Look it’s the zoo, we’re passing by the zoo,” Alice heard faintly.
Alice closed her eyes and thought about a painting where there were a pack of dogs gathered around an elephant.
Alice opened her eyes, but she wasn’t in the car or at the gallery. She was in a field filled with flowers. She smiled. The sun shined bright.
Alice smiled, spun around, then sat down in the field. She didn’t know where she was but that didn’t bother her. She assumed it was a dream. She had had dreams like this before so she just assumed this was one of them.
Alice closed her eyes then opened. Then something crazy happened. She saw an elephant coming her way. She screamed in terror. She tried closing her eyes and going to sleep. She thought that if it was a dream then maybe she would just wake up. She opened her eyes hoping she would find herself in her car with her family again, but at the same time she also wanted to know what the elephant would do. She realized that she was not in her car. She was at the field, the elephant was right in front of her. But the elephant did not seem to notice her. Suddenly a dog ran up to the elephant and fell asleep on the elephant’s foot. It seemed very familiar. All of a sudden she was back in the car.
She must have been dreaming. She looked over at her sisters. They were playing I spy. Alice wanted to play but whenever she tried to say something, she just ended up thinking about art. She could not help it. She got frustrated and even tried to cry but she could not. She screamed out of frustration, but was not sure if anyone could hear. She screamed louder and closed her eyes. She heard foot steps rushing in her direction. She slowly opened her eyes. She was in a bed, but it was not hers.
“It’s okay. It was just a dream, relax,” Alice heard.
It must have all been a dream and my parents are probably here now, she thought.
She saw two faces looking at her frowning, but they were not her parents, they were—green!
Alice screamed!!
“Its okay, your real family is here now,” they said frowning.

One comment on “OSN Short Story: Eyes Wide Closed

  1. bernadettesmusings
    April 9, 2018

    You are a very talented writer young lady. Your use of imagery is fantastic for someone your age. Don’t EVER doubt your abilities and don’t stop doing what you love.


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