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EXCLUSIVE Grove Woman Escapes “Strangulation” Runs For Help After Suspected Abuser Distracted by Child

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By Hilde Kate Lysiak

January 12, 2018

A Selinsgrove woman escaped an assault and strangulation after her child distracted the man who was beating her long enough for her to run to safety, according to police.

Omar Al-Haniff Sellars was charged with several counts including Assault and Strangulation after allegedly choking and kicking his wife several times after she would not give up the password to her cell phone on 1/3/18, according to police. Sellars allegedly became so angry that his wife wouldn’t give him the code to the phone that he allegedly threw it at her, then pushed and kicked her in the face.

Sellars was caught after a child distracted him long enough for his wife to have time to run away and get help at a local gas station, according to police.

“Her husband, Omar Sellars, wanted her to give him the code to her cellphone. He threw the phone at her and told her to put the password in it. She declined to give him the code. He told her she was going to go to the hospital. He began pushing her around. He pushed her onto the floor in the kitchen and kicked her in the face. She was able to get up and go to the front room. Sellars began strangling her. She told him she could not breath and began kicking. Her child came into the room and Sellars got off her momentarily to get the child out of the room. She began to go towards the door and Sellars told her she was not going anywhere. He pushed her back on to the mattress and began kicking her. Her child came back into the room and Sellars took him back into the bedroom she ran out of the house…to the Turkey Hill to get help,” read the criminal complaint.

Sellars was charged with Simple Assault, Harassment, and Strangulation.


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