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EXCLUSIVE BANNED OR NOT BANNED? Plaintiff Claims District Attorney Piecuch is Defying Judge’s Order, DA Denies SEE THE SCREENSHOTS

10-24 SnyCo DA FB Post
Hilde Kate Lysiak
October 25, 2018
Its the dueling screenshots!
Nine days after being ordered to reinstate the social media account of a private citizen that was banned from his public government page, Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch continues to defy a judges order, according to the plaintiff in the case who showed the OSN a screenshot which appeared to indicate that he was unable to comment in posts.
But the DA claims that no one is banned and he has a screenshot of his own.
The dispute began when District Attorney Mike Piecuch began banning private citizens from his government page who had views he disagreed with.
One of those citizens, Vince Stoops, took him to court.
On October 16 Judge Matthew W. Brann told Piecuch that he was wrong and not allowed, as a government official, to ban private citizens social media accounts from the government page. The judge ordered him to immediately unblock the accounts on October 16th.
The court order read: (READ FULL ORDER BELOW)
“The defendant, Michael Piecuch in his official capacity as district attorney of Snyder County, Pennsylvania, shall insure that the twitter account @grovecitizen and Face book accounts, @selinsgroveconcernedcitizens and @thevincentstoops operated by the plaintiff, Vince Stoops, are not blocked from official government social media operated by the office of Snyder County District attorney.”
However, nine days have passed and the account remains unable to comment on posts, according to a screenshot sent to the OSN (SCREENSHOT IS AT TOP OF STORY).

The screenshot shows that while Stoops can view the page, he is not allowed to comment on posts like other citizens. Stoops also provided a timestamp image to the OSN that shows it was taken within the last twelve hours.
But when confronted with Stoops claim, Piecuch answered with screenshots of his own that he showed to the OSN, which appeared to indicate that no one has been banned from the page. (SEE BELOW)
screenshot of FB banned accounts_Oct 25 2018
“Mr. Stoops was unbanned on September 23, 2018, which was before the consent order was filed, and no one is currently banned from the @SnyderCountyDA account,” Piecuch wrote in an email to the OSN.
“I would hope you aren’t publishing any false information,” the District Attorney added.
The OSN sent a screenshot of Stoops page to Piecuch and asked for an explanation on why Stoops cannot comment.
At the time of publishing the DA has not responded.

Stoops, who is a frequent critic of Piecuch, told the OSN he isn’t buying the District Attorney’s explanation.

“I find it interesting there are no dates or identifying marks on it. No idea what page that is from or what date it was taken. Unfortunately public officials can engage in this type of economic terrorism. Spending the tax-payers’ money to undercut citizens’ civil rights hoping they will be able to out-spend the private citizens. We see this in criminal proceedings brought against citizens and civil matters brought against officials. Citizens must fork over large sums of money simply to ensure their rights or fight off malicious efforts by government officials.

In winning the Court Order from the Federal Judge I was gracious in waving attorney’s fees to avoid the tax-payers being put on the hook for these civil rights abuses. My patience and graciousness, however, has its limits.’

Stoops added that he “does not intent to walk away until full compliance with the court order and Civil Rights are firmly in place.”

RELATED This is only the latest controversy involving social media for the District Attorney. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)


7 comments on “EXCLUSIVE BANNED OR NOT BANNED? Plaintiff Claims District Attorney Piecuch is Defying Judge’s Order, DA Denies SEE THE SCREENSHOTS

  1. Desertphile
    October 26, 2018

    The sentence “I would hope you aren’t publishing any false information” makes zero sense. Does this stupid clown not have a “first language?” How did someone illiterate become a district attorney?


    • Querent2000
      February 27, 2019

      What are you talking about? That sentence is a perfectly grammatical and clear statement. It’s also an implied threat being leveled against the Orange Street News. This DA must be a real piece of work.


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  6. Ron S
    October 9, 2019

    I have a lot of evidence of his corruption in the court room along with judge Houdock. It is all on transcript and some time stamp letters and phone calls. This guy is corrupt to the core I want him to prove me wrong cause his day in court is coming. I’m taking about his violations against constitutional rights. Where can I send this to be publicly shown ?


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