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Haunted Selinsgrove? Locals Claim Grove is Full of Paranormal Activity

2018-10-29 (2)
By Hilde Kate Lysiak
Mysterious dark shadows appearing over a bridge? Objects bumping off desks at a local school when no one is around? Strands of blonde hair inexplicably found hanging from the wooden rafters of a Market Street restaurant? A ghostly apparition floating up a staircase?
These are just a few of the dozens of the stories where Selinsgrove residents claim to have witnessed unexplained events that they claim is paranormal.
The most famous local haunt is reportedly the land around the Penn’s Creek Bridge. Many claim it is the location of the restless victims from the Penn’s Creek Massacre, when on the early morning of October 16, 1755 a group of Indians wearing war clothing attacked a group of twenty five settlers while they slept. They burned their cabins and killed thirteen people with arrows and tomahawks.
A family in the 1960’s who lived near the spot claimed to have heard unexplained war sounds and even reportedly seen a bloody torso. 
A local legend is that if you turn off your lights while going over the bridge at night you will see shadowy apparitions. (Although turning your car lights off while driving at night might make you turn into a ghost!).
Seibert Hall, at Susquehanna University, is also rumored to be haunted. Students have reported hearing unexplained noises and witnessing items on their desk mysteriously fall to the floor.
Even one of our local restaurants is supposedly haunted.
BJ’s,  at 17 N Market St, in Selinsgrove is reportedly the scene of many paranormal experiences, according to manager Heather Harriman.
“I’ve had managers in the past would hear in the office area typing in the other room like they would hear someone on the key board making typing sounds typing and they will stop and they will listen [but] I have never witnessed anything,” Harriman told the Orange Street News.
Harriman, who has never personally witnessed anything paranormal, did make an eerie discovery.
“We used to have rafters over here above the pub, but they were just these rafters and every morning I had the cleaning crew cause you would see the light come in from the window and it would look like cob webs hanging. And I would be like oh my gosh what is that stuff  and we would poll them down and they would be like blonde hair. So after further looking into it I don’t know if its rumored or I could be wrong with this but there was a mother and a daughter that died in a fire this whole building burnt down in the eighteen hundred it got rebuilt in 1874… it was almost like if you believed in it a ghost would be flying and her hair would get snagged on the rafters,” said Harriman.
According to Harriman now that they remodeled no one has been seeing anything out of the ordinary.
Harriman added that despite the stories she is a skeptic. OSN looked into the records and couldn’t find any mother/daughter deaths at the location.
Even an Orange Street home is reportedly the scene of a restless spirit, according to the resident who lives inside. Isabel Lysiak, 14, says saw the spirit of a woman nearly four years ago at her home.
“She was dressed in old clothing and a flowing dark dress and had her back to me. I couldn’t see her face. She just walked slowly up the stairs,” said Lysiak, who works as the OSN Multimedia Editor. “I wasn’t scared at the time because I just thought it was my mom in a costume or strange dress something. But then I walked into the next room and saw my mom sitting their and it hit me.”
“Three years have passed and I haven’t seen her again, and I don’t want to,” added Izzy.

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    March 6, 2019

    “Their”: belonging to them.
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    “They’re”: They are. Notice the “they” in “they’re”.


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