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OSN Short Story: Enter the “Through Window”

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

November 16, 2018

Lee laid down on the floor. Lee was very still, and would not move. She had been laying like that for the last hour. 

There were no more windows or any light. There were no doors she could escape from. She was alone. She had been for the last day.

She heard foot steps and laughter. It came from right above her. It was coming from the ceiling. She listened closer as the footsteps walked past the hidden door. The door lead to where she was.

Lee wasn’t surprised. The closest some one would come to that door was just walking by it. Not even noticing it was there.

Lee jumped on to her feet. She went to the shelf full of books behind her. She reached for one book. The book was titled, “The Cause of Starvation.” She picked it up. She jumped back at the sight of what was behind the book. 

It was a small hole in the wall. Lee moved another book next to the starvation one, then another, and another. One after another each one revealed a small part of something new.

It was a window.

Inside the window there was another cell just like hers. Inside the window was a girl staring back at her. She screamed and put the books. 

One book after another.

Until all the books were back into place and she would not have to look at that girl.

Lee laid back down. She tried to forget what she just saw. But the image of that girl remained in her mind.

The girl was covered in dirt with these huge haunting eyes.

Just staring at her. 

Just staring.

She heard the door crack open.

Enter a women with a tray of food and a name tag that read Ann. 

Ann placed the tray of food down on the floor then turned to leave when her dress got struck in the door. 

Ann yelled, “Help.”

Enter a man coming to help. But before he reached her Lee came and grabbed Ann’s hand. 

Enter tears streaming down Ann’s cheeks.

Then determination. 

Ann knew what she had to do.

Ann lowered her head, then walked into the cell. The man closed the door behind her. The clicked locked. 

Ann them sat down and the corner.

“What,” Lee said very slowly and fearfully.

“I-i have people who, are, gonna miss me,” Ann said between breaths as she stopped crying.

“Who is people,” asked Lee.

Ann started crying again.

“Who?” Lee repeated.

“Pe-people, are, uh, like you and me, like things, that are like human, that are on this earth.”

“We are on this earth,” Lee said.

“Can I tell you something?” Lee said.

“Sure,” Ann said.

“I-I found a window,” Lee said as she uncovered the books.

“There is nothing there,” Ann said.

“No,” Lee said and nothing else. 

Lee covered the books back up.

“Ok,” Ann said.

Ann walked to the corner of the room and sat down. 

“Where did you live?” Ann asked.

Lee looked at Ann strangely.

“What do you mean?” Lee asked.

“Well like where were you before you were here,” Ann said.

“I don’t think I was before I was here. Yeah I think I was always here,” Lee said.

“Do you, not remember anything?’’ Ann asked.

“I do not know,” said Lee.

“Oh no you don’t remember anything,” said Ann.

“Maybe,” said Lee, now smiling oddly.

“Oh… wow,” Ann said.

“What about you,” Lee said.

“Umm…I…hang on let me think… umm, I can not remember,” Ann said.

“What does remember mean,” asked Lee.

Ann did not answer. She looked down at her shoes.

Enter anger on Lee’s face.

“What are you doing here? Who are you?” Lee said.

“Umm uh… I… work here,  I think,” said Ann slowly.

Enter the sound of stomping. It was coming from above.

Ann leaped up, startled.

“What was that!” Ann asked loudly.

“Don’t worry,” Lee said calmly.

“Tell me what that is!” Ann demanded, her voice rising.

“It is just… people. But calm down they will not come near here, they never do,’’ Lee said slowly.

“Help! Help!” Ann started screaming.

“Stop it,” Lee said raising her voice.

Ann looked down and stopped screaming.

“Fine,” Ann said. Her voice sounds flat and tired.

Lee got up and walked to the book shelf.

“I just…  I do not know. I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore!” said Ann getting frustrated. 

Ann got up and walked over to Lee.

“What are you doing?” Ann said to Lee.

Lee said nothing and moved a book away to reveal the window.

Enter sleep; Lee then walked over and sat down and fell asleep for a long time.

“I… I see it now, its there,” Ann said.

Enter a view in the window of two girls, one sitting down in the far corner, the other standing right in the front.

Pinned to her shoulder, a name tag. 

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