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EXCLUSIVE Woman Charged After Allegedly Visiting Police Station with Drug Materials in Car!

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
November 19, 2018

A Mifflinburg woman was charged after police claim they found drug paraphenelia in her car after she came to the police station to report being the victim in separate case, according to police.

Samala Leighann Wilson, 38, parked her car at the Selinsgrove Police station for another case when police looked into her car and allegedly found drug material including marked plastic bags and nine syringes in a Victoria Secret bag, according to police.

“The defendant Samala Wilson  was at PSP regarding her being the victim of an incident currently under investigation. During PSP investigation, TFC Magnuson obtain to consent search the involved parties vehicle which the Defendant was riding in. This search by TFC Magnuson resulted in him finding drug paraphernalia in the vehicle: pink Victoria secret bag, 2 clear plastic bags, 1 yellow clear plastic bag, 2 stamped plastic bags, 1 stamped plastic bag, blue wax paper, 1 plastic bag marked containing cotton and nine syringes,” read the criminal complaint.

It is unclear what the previous case was about.

Wilson was charged with the controlled substance.

A hearing will be held on 12/27, at 9:30, at 1025 us rt 522, in Selinsgrove Pa.

2 comments on “EXCLUSIVE Woman Charged After Allegedly Visiting Police Station with Drug Materials in Car!

  1. Muriel Hykes
    November 19, 2018

    This is an illegal search. Plastic bags and syringes could be for diabetes or B12 shots.


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