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Grove Official Knocks Lewisburg”They Don’t Have Volunteers!”


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

November 29, 2018

A war of words might be brewing between the neighboring towns of Selinsgrove and Lewisburg after a Grove official poked fun at the neighboring town for not being able to light its own Christmas trees!

After it was reported that the Lewisburg Christmas lights, which have lit the town trees for nearly twenty years with white lights, would be dark this year, Selinsgrove Borough Council manager Paul Williams used it as an opportunity to let people know they should take pride in the Grove.

“Selinsgrove is often being compared to Lewisburg. Its always Lewisburg this and Lewisburg that, and we lose business because of Lewisburg. Well guess what, Lewisburg could not get their [Christmas] lights up. They need repair and they don’t have volunteers,” borough manager Paul A. Williams told the Orange Street News.

The Lewisburg office was unable for comment by the time of publication.

Lewisburg Council President Kathy Morris told WNEP that the lights are in bad shape and need to be replaced. She says it will cost $50,000 to replace them, and Lewisburg does not have the money in its budget.

In Selinsgrove, volunteers worked hard to make sure the downtown was decorated. A quick stroll down Market Street shows dozens of white light strung up and down the business strip.

Selinsgrove has multiple holiday celebrations sponsored by the chamber of commerce including, festive drinks special sales, and activity’s that could lead to winning big prizes

The OSN will update with a response from Lewisburg.

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