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EXCLUSIVE Evidence That Woman Involved in Car Heist A Drug Dealer, OSN Turns Info Over to Police.


By Hilde Kate Lysiak


An exclusive Orange Street News investigation has revealed that a drug dealing Selinsgrove woman may have been involved in the Orange Street  car-heist — then turned to prostitution to try to get the alleged thief out of jail.

The local woman was a roommate of alleged car thief Jeffery Yates — aka “Biker Boy Jeff”, who is also a known drug user, and both were staying in Selinsgrove, according to sources. The OSN is withholding the identity of the woman until they can contact her to get her side of the story.  

The woman posted that she was with the suspected car thief the night of the crime. 

“Why don’t yall get stop writing me back with my baby father,” the woman posted, tagging Yates in the post at 1:21 am to show that she was with him, the night the car was stolen.  The post has been deleted. 

That wasn’t the only indications that Yates had a partner the night the car was stolen.

In addition to the woman’s social media post that put her at the scene of the crime, receipts inside the car showed purchases for food for two people, including a stop at 8:32 am on November 29th at the Burger King at 8304 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore for an order of two pancake plates with no meat, two small hash browns and two sourdough sandwiches.

Yates spent the night behind bars after he was nabbed by an alert Baltimore police officer who saw Yates getting out of the 2013 Honda Civic and walking into a store at around 8pm on November 28th. The officer decided to run the plates and they came back showing that the car was stolen. The officer waited as Yates continued shopping. When he stepped outside they nabbed him.

Yates, who also loves knitting and was pictured in a Dec 2011 article titled How Knitting Behind Bars Transformed Maryland Convicts, told police he stole the car from outside of the Selinsgrove home at 423 Orange Street on the evening of November 27th so that he could drive himself to Baltimore where he had another court case, according to sources.

Documents found inside the stolen car showed Yates and his possible accomplice also stopped at the PA Farm show then made it into the city of Baltimore on November 28th at 7:16pm and once there, the duo stayed in room 316 at the Rodeway Inn, the OSN has learned.

Knowingly being a passenger in a stolen car is a crime.

The OSN has also obtained exclusive evidence that the woman who was with Yates has a history of dealing drugs.

On April 24th the woman messaged a friend “U no anyone that looking for subs. Give them my facebook shit man. And i’ll give you a couple of buck for sending them my way,,”

The man responded, “Rd I got u night need some 2morrow.”

In another exchange on the morning of November 28th, while with Yates, she messaged another friend “Ill have subs for you tomorrow if u no anyone that needs any. The 12’s and the 8’s.”

Subs are the street name for the drug Suboxone.

In addition to dealing drugs, the suspected accomplice also has a history of prostitution and is currently trying to raise the $200 she needs to bail him out by shopping for johns, according to new evidence obtained exclusively by the OSN.

On the morning of December 1st a friend sent her the message “Sex.” “$150.”

At 4:16 am the same morning the woman responded. “Yes I need some money.”

That same day another man named offered $15

“I need at least $100,” said the woman.

“LOL” he replied.

“I need to pay a bail that why i need $100,” the woman responded.

The woman has not been charged with any crimes. The Orange Street News turned over the evidence to the Selinsgrove Police Department on December 1st. 

As of last night the woman was staying in Dundalk, Maryland.

Selinsgrove has been dealing with a serious drug issue. An OSN investigation last year revealed heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs are being abused by students at local schools.


2 comments on “EXCLUSIVE Evidence That Woman Involved in Car Heist A Drug Dealer, OSN Turns Info Over to Police.

  1. Sharlene Levin Martin
    December 2, 2018

    Great reporting, Hilde.


  2. John Gibson
    December 3, 2018

    Hilde. Did the Baltimore police search the car after arresting the thief? Or, did you find all of that evidence in it? I think there is clearly enough evidence to charge the woman as an accomplice to the auto theft, I am not sure there is sufficient evidence to charge her with attempted drug sales or prostitution (although readers can reasonably draw that conclusion).


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