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A Toddler was Transported to The Hospital After Her Mom Put Her In the Back of a Motorcycle.

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

December 6, 2018

A local mother was charged after her four year old daughter was injured after allegedly being unsafely placed in the back of a motorcycle on 9/16/18, according to police.

During the motorcycle ride the child’s foot got stuck in the wheel after it slipped off the foot peg, causing severe injury. The child was then transported to the Sunbury hospital. 

Ashley Rae Geiswhite, 25, was allegedly warned that it was unsafe when she went for the ride on 8th ave in Shamokin Dam, according to police.

“Geiswhite placed her daughter on the back of her motorcycle. While traveling north bound on SR0011 in the area of 8th ave, Shamokin Dam the foot of the 4-year-old child got stuck/pulled into the rear wheel of the motorcycle. The child’s foot slipped from the foot peg causing severe damage. Geiswhite was the operater of the motorcycle […] The child was wearing a helmet at the time. […] Prior to the incident on 9/16/2018 Geiswhite was informed several times it was not safe to have the child on the back of the motorcycle. The conversations about the safety of  the child were between Geiswhite and B. Harris [grandmother.] B. Harris stated she informed Geiswhite that she would help transport the two where they needed to go,” read the criminal complaint.

Geiswhite was charged with careless driving, and endangering the welfare of a child

A hearing will be held on 1/22/19, at 2:00, at 1025 us rt 522, in Selinsgrove Pa.

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