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Grove Biz Bans Plastic Straws

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

December 7, 2018

A Selinsgrove store says they trying to take a step towards helping the environment.

Yesterday, The Kind Cafe, at 16 N Market St. Selinsgrove,  joined other parts of the country in no longer serving plastic straws. Drinks will be served with paper straws instead.

“Here at The Kind Cafe we are very sensitive and concerned about using plastic and stuff. We already have to go containers that are compostable, we don’t use plastic bags we use paper bags so [switching from plastic to paper straws] was the natural thing to do for us,” Kind Cafe Owner Davide Pietra told the Orange Street News.

When plastic goes into the ocean it can brake down in to many very tiny pieces that can be very harmful, a lot of times sea creatures end up ingesting that which can make its way to you when you are eating sea food, according to environmentalists.  Last year a study made headlines after it reportedly showed that over 1 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean.

In California business owners or employees are legally not allowed to hand out use straws, unless the straw was requested by the costumer. 

In many Starbucks (cafe) they now have built straw-less lids for all of its iced drinks. By 2020 Starbucks wants to have all the straws eliminated from all of there stores. Starbucks is also now encouraging costumers to buy there reusable cups.   

Starbuck’s Straw-less cups

Pietra also owns a Business in Lewisburg Pa, called Amami, which is also making the straw switch.

“My idea is that the problem is so big, pollution, plastic, the environment, that sometimes the single individual feels defeated because [they think] nothing will make a difference, but getting in the mentality of thinking that small little things they actually do make a difference like bring your bag to the store if you don’t have one you can carry it with your own hands or instead of grabbing a five napkins just grab one try to be a little more conservative with like disposable things especially,” Pietra told the Orange Street News.

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