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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE 66 Year Old Man Allegedly RAPES 13-year old Girl Claims Child “Forced” Him!

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
December 14, 2018 


A 66 year old man Snyder County man was charged after allegedly repeatedly raping a 13 year old girl, including having oral sex with the young child and having him masturbate her, according to police.

Anthony William Sprenkle, 66, allegedly committed the shocking acts between June and August of 2018 and allegedly admitted to some of the sick acts but claimed the 13-year old “forced” him, according to police.

The complaint read Sprenkle was “having contact with the victims vagina however explained this occurrence was as a surprise to him and his hand were forced by her.”

Sprenkle also allegedly told authorities that “the victim had shaved her vaginal area, showed the defendant, grabbed his hand, and had contact with her vagina under the pretense of a tick or pimple.”

The complaint continued; 

“The defendant admitted he preformed oral sex on the victim three times, elaborating the first being on the pool table in the basement and lasting for approximately one minute. All three occurrences were with in one week.”

“He had felt her vagina several times, twice over her clothes and one time on her bare vagina..”

“The victim had masturbated the defendant twice 

“There was a time when she came downstairs completely naked and jumped on is lap. During this time the defendant admitted he sucked on her nipple for approximately 15-20 second.

The OSN attempted to reach Sprenkle for his side of the story but when asked about the alleged crimes a person who answered his phone said, “I don’t have any information” before hanging up.

Sprenkle was charged with Aggravated Incident Assault, Unlawful contact with minor, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, and more.

A hearing will be held at 1025 us rt 522, in Selinsgrove pa, at 12/17 at 10:45.


2 comments on “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE 66 Year Old Man Allegedly RAPES 13-year old Girl Claims Child “Forced” Him!

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  2. JWMACK (@DontTreadOnJW)
    March 6, 2019

    Yikes, this was a little graphic for such a young girl to report.


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