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OSN SHORT STORY When You Are Sleeping…

By Hilde Kate Lysiak  


“No. Never. Not one single time. I never feel like the eight hours of being awake are not enough. The sixteen hours of sleep can help me recharge and be ready for my day. After all, have you ever see me tired, or exhausted like all of you,” Bella said.  “Oh.”  I walked quickly down the school hallway, realizing that if I didn’t stop talking I would be late, then I might get detention. Then I would have to stay after school and miss my resting time, then they would get mad. I really don’t want that.  No, no one would give me detention, would they? They all know by now right? Well at least  that random girl did. Yeah, everyone knows by now. I mean, why else would people keep coming up to me and asking me about it.   Some people had known for a while. Ever since I got detention the first time for some dumb reason I can’t remember. They did not get that mad about that though at first cause I put my self to sleep in detention five minutes before my rest time. But then, my teacher got mad and woke me up. Then they got really mad. But I just told everyone in the room that I sleep for more than half the day, when my teacher asked me why I was sleeping.   Since then I had a few people come up to me and ask me about it, but lately numbers were increasing. I am guessing that the few people in the detention room told more people.    


I rushed to my class, just making it on time. I felt a sense of relief rushing through my body when I sat in my chair, still 60 seconds early, even though I knew they probably would not dare give me detention.  After school, I came home and rushed to brush my teeth and get pajamas on, so I could go to sleep at four pm.   

I wake up at no later than eight, which gives me a good 15 minutes to get ready for school and shove some cereal in my mouth.  One of the main questions people have asked me at school, if they ask me anything, is if I think it is as odd as everyone else is making it sound. A more main one though, is why do I feel so tired? Or why I want to sleep so much?  First of all, I do not want to sleep so much, they do. I have no choice. But I have come to terms with that.  I have been in this long enough to know my place, and my reality. Reality is the hard part. It can get really confusing telling them apart. One of the ways I can tell them apart is when I look on the clock and realize, or when the annoying kids in one of my schools comes up to me and asks me why I sleep so much. But of course I never say that out loud. I simply say something like, “Yeah I really just like sleeping.” Then when people ask me if I think it is strange too or if I think it is normal. That is usually when I walk away. 

I have learned how to get away from the annoying kids at my school. I do not like being in a conversation with them for more than five minutes.   If it goes past five minutes, my lack of time starts to hit me. I realize that my time is always limited. There is always the ticking clock in the back of my mind, and the front of it, and everywhere else, that will remind me. I know it is only a a few hours difference, but to me it makes all the difference.  

This is a world of magic and ideas. With all their bright lights and technology. It is a world I can’t stay in forever though, and even I know that. Me of all people. I know that.  But in this world, along with all the magic and glory, there is also a clock. The clock. The existence of the timer. No one can stay here forever.   

I got my shoes on and started walking towards the bus stop. I don’t feel like I got enough sleep. Well, I feel like I got too much sleep. But they do not. They never do. Why would they ever. They never had stopped trying to wake me up, or force me out of my reality. But this time they might be mad.  I leaned my head against the bus window and laid my arms flat on my back pack, on my back. I had forty five minutes I could sleep. I do not know if that would help at all, but maybe.  A few minutes can take up a lot of time. Every minute counts.   I looked at my mental clock, then the physical one strapped around my wrist. I had been sleeping for fifteen hours and twenty eight minutes.   Once I get past the sixteen hour mark, I will be able to live it up. Even if it is just for eight hours, that is a lot of time right?  But until then I tilted my head back against my back pack. I felt all the magic, technology and electricity in the world driveling away. I fell asleep to the movement of my mother pushing me awake, then I drifted off.

2 comments on “OSN SHORT STORY When You Are Sleeping…

  1. David Ludden
    March 31, 2019

    i am grateful for your writings Hilda. Please keep true to your callings & (when you are inclined) take us along with you.


  2. ezlikesundaymorning
    March 31, 2019

    Just read this article. It states that too much sleep is just as harmful as too little sleep.


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