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Patagonia School Preparing Students in the Case of Suspended Classes Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Dollar General in Sonoita is out of toilet paper and 1 gallon bottles of water PHOTO BY HKL

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


Patagonia High School is considering extending Spring Break an extra week among other measures in response to the Coronavirus threat that has been sweeping the country.

Many schools in the US have been closing to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Patagonia school district is prepared to do the same if school officials believe it is necessary.  

Sources tell the Orange Street News that the school is considering the idea of temporarily closing, but is waiting on more data on the situation. In the meantime, school officials are asking members of the community to help fight the virus by sharing information.

“In an attempt to make informed decisions regarding the health and safety of our schools we are asking that families share with us if anyone that has come into contact with your child/children that has potentially been exposed to the Coronavirus The information will be confidential and is only used for health and safety planning,” read a letter from the Patagonia school district sent out to all parents on Friday.

The school also notified students that they will not be penalized for an absence from school or require a doctor’s note to return to

The Patagonia Montessori School is also taking precautions but also has no plans to suspend classes — for now.

“At this point we are not [closing the school],” Principal Jessie Beebe told the OSN.

There have been nine reported cases of the Coronavirus in Arizona, none of them have been fatal so far, and none have been in Patagonia.

“It’s like a natural disaster. There is no stopping it [the virus coming to Patagonia], all we can do is prepare and limit its impact,” Timothy Penniston, a nurse practitioner at the Patagonia Family Health Center told the Orange Street News this week.

Despite few cases of of the virus having appeared in Arizona several schools have already suspended classes. Alhambra Elementary School District, Pima Unified School District, Osborn School District, are all schools that have closed due to the Coronavirus.

It is suggested that anyone with symptoms ring the bell and wait for help at the Patagonia Health Center located 101 Taylor Ave, Patagonia

One comment on “Patagonia School Preparing Students in the Case of Suspended Classes Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

  1. iwpchi
    March 14, 2020

    Another interesting article from OSN!

    US politicians have no idea how to rationally respond to the COVID-19 epidemic. Most politicians in the capitalist world go into “public service” for one reason only: to steal as much money as they can for the capitalists who paid them to run for office until the voters finally kick them out. Most of them have never ever imagined that they would have to manage a response to anything like a natural disaster or a disease outbreak; so they’re just running around trying to make it “look” like they are doing something. Closing schools in districts where there are no cases of coronavirus will not stop its spread, obviously; but it will harm the kids whose education will be brought to a halt for no good reason.

    What do you suppose all those people are going to do with all that toilet paper? Maybe you could interview folks coming out of the store with tons of toilet paper and ask them: why are they hoarding it? Do they think it will protect them from the coronavirus? That could be a very funny video and/or article. And how are your friends in school dealing with the news about the coronavirus? Are they a) freaking out or b) are they dealing with it more rationally than their parents & teachers? (I’ll go out on a limb and guess it’s b). Some interviews with them would be great; I’ve seen very little about how this fearmongering over the coronavirus is affecting the youth.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks for the article!



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